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EA: Enterprise Architecture

e-AGRIEN : Electronics for Agriculture & Environment

EBR's: Extra-Budgetary Resources

EC: Empowered Committee

EDA: Electronic Design Automation

EHTP: Electronics Hardware Technology Park

EMD : Earnest Money Deposit

EMS: Enterprise Management System

EOU: Export Oriented Unit

EPGC: Export Promotion Capital Goods

EPID : Electronic Portal Imaging Device

ERDA: Electrical Research and Development Association

eSAFE: e-Governance Security Assurance Framework

ESC: Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council

ERNET: Education & Research in Computer Networking

ERTL: Electronics Regional Test Laboratory

ETDC: Electronics Test and Development Centre

EU : European Union


FBG : Fiber-Bragg-Grating Sensors

FCS: Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers

FDI: Foreign Direct Investment

FIPB: Foreign Investment Promotion Board

FIRST: Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

F/OSS: Free/Open Source Software

FMS: Facility Management Service

FRS: Functional Requirement Specification


G2B: Government-to-Business

G2C: Government-to-Citizen

G2E: Government-to-Employees

GAC: Governmental Advisory Committee

GAID: Global Alliance for ICT and Development

GCC: General Conditions of Contract

GIGW : Guidelines for Indian Government Websites

GNU : GNU Compiler Collection

GIA : Grant-in-Aid

GIST: Graphics and Intelligence based Script Technology

GNCTD: Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi

GSP: Generalized System of Preferences



HLD: High Level Design

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol


IA: Implementing Agency

IANA: The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IASST: Institute of Advanced study in Science & Technology

ICANN: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

ICERT: Indian Computer Emergency Response Team

ICR: Intelligent Character Recognition

ICT: Information and Communication Technologies

ICTACT: ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu

IDN: Internationalized Domain Names

IEC: Information, Education and Communication

IEP: Instruction Enhancement Programme

IFA: Information For All

IGF: Internet Governance Forum

IIIT: International Institute of Information Technology

IISc: Indian Institute of Science

ILTP: Integrated Long Term Programme

IMSC : Inter Ministerial Standing Committee

INDRP: .IN Dispute Resolution Policy

INUP: Indian Nanoelectronics Users Programme

IP: Internet Protocol

IPR: Intellectual Prperty Rights


ISMS : Information Security Management System

IST: Information Society Technologies

ISTDC/WGs: Information Security Technology Devlopment Council/Working Groups

ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems

ITSM: Information Technology Services Management

ISCII: Indian Standard Code for Information Interchange

ITIR: Information Technology Investment Regions


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