In the field of ICT, Asia as a region is witnessing a phenomenal growth in ICT infrastructure and ICT usage among the population. During the last decade, Asian countries have made tremendous progress in all sector of information society development - connectivity, content, community, commerce, culture, capacity, cooperation and capital.The countries have achieved significant progress in telecom sector connectivity, especially in the mobile phone segment.

Against this backdrop of a burgeoning ICT penetration across the region, India is building development cooperation in the ICT sector with its neighbours and other countries in the region.

The Department is actively cooperating/collaborating with Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries to share our experience and expertise and hope that such interaction will help in exploring joint ventures in emerging areas of ICT.


  • India-Myanmar Centre for Enhancement of IT Skills for training, telemedicine with VSAT connectivity to 10 CICs was commissioned under Government of India grant.
  • Ten faculty members from Myanmar were trained in IT skills at C-DAC, Pune. The IT centre is operational since October 2008.



  • A programme for human resource development for software industry in Vietnam through a grant-in-aid was supported by Government of India. C-DAC, Noida provided long term and short-term training courses in specialized and advanced computer domain in India for the Vietnamese students under this program. Software professionals from six institutes of Vietnam were trained. Necessary equipment support was also provided to these institutes. 75 students in specialized short term courses and 13 students under the Master Program have been trained since 2005.
  • India – Vietnam Advanced Resource Centre in ICT (ARC-ICT) was set up in Hanoi. The centre has Data Centre with training and video conferencing facility. It shall offer courses on basic IT education, intermediate level certificate courses as well as a finishing school oriented course. The project was executed by CDAC from the Indian side. The Centre is operational since September 2011.
  • India has agreed to create High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre at the Hanoi University of Science & Technology (HUST). An assessment study was carried out in February 2008. Indian delegation comprised of Ministry of External Affairs and CDAC visited Vietnam in November 2010 to finalize the HPC configuration with HUST. The draft agreement between CDAC and MEA was formulated and the agreement between CDAC and MEA has been signed in May 2012 for setting up of India-Vietnam HPC facility at HUST.
  • A seminar titled “Vietnam India ICT Trade and Investment Forum” was organized at DeitY on the occasion of the visit to India by HE Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, Deputy Prime Minister and the Vietnamese delegation on 30 March 2012, which was co-chaired by Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble MCIT from the Indian side.
  • The purpose of the Seminar is to exchange views with Indian counterparts on experience, investment promotion as well as policy of each country on the development of the communication and information technology over the past time; thus both sides may outline cooperation in future.


  • An MOU with Brunei in IT sector was signed in May 2008. The areas of Common Interest are Cooperation in various ICT areas like Human Resource Development for ICT education and ICT based education, exploring third country markets, research, design and development, e-commerce and e-governance, information security and cyber crime, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Internet applications, ICT and electronics hardware manufacture.
  • 1st JWG meeting held in February 2010 in Brunei. It was suggested Large Scale Training activity for the Govt. Officials of Brunei for skill development in IT.


  • Indian Mission has been requested to enhance thrust for cooperation with Japan in Electronics and Information Technology sectors and suggest appropriate Institute (s) / Nodal agency(s) for collaboration and their contact points to take it forward
  • A joint R&D project between CDAC, Kolkata and NIST of Japan namely “Facial feature extraction and human behaviour analysis for a dialogue system” is ongoing


  • A state-of-the-art National Data Centre at Vientiane of Lao PDR was set up in May 2006. The Centre will host all the e-governance applications of Government of Lao PDR.
  • NIC also carried out an assessment survey for the National e-Governance plan for the Government of Lao PDR and designed and developed the national portal for Lao PDR ( on Open eNRICH framework. The portal consists of national portal, dynamic websites of ministries/departments, portals of all provinces and districts of Lao PDR.


  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee Centre of Excellence at Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia was commissioned in July 2003. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) executed the project from the Indian side.


  • An MOU with Malaysia in IT sector was signed in October 2010. The areas of Common Interest are Electronic commerce and multimedia development, e-governance, information security and cyber crime, human resource development, research, design and development, exploring third country markets etc.
  • 1st JWG meeting was held in October 2011 in Malaysia. JWG meeting discussed issues on Cyber Security, Joint ICT Talent Development Consultative Committee (JITDC), JITDC and issues on Mobility of IT professionals.
  • During the visit of Hon’ble Prime Minister to Malaysia in October 2010, it was agreed that collaboration in the knowledge industries, including in the ICT Sector, should be given greater prominence in the bilateral agenda.
  • It was also agreed to set up Joint ICT Talent Development Consultative Committee (JITDC) involving stakeholders from both the governments, relevant agencies, industry players and training institutions to make specific recommendations for IT skills training, talent development and greater engagement of Indian IT companies in Malaysia.


  • A meeting between Secretary and 45 member Business/Investment delegation from Taiwan industry Association (TEEMA) was held in September 2012 in DeitY.


  • A delegation led Dr. Anita Bhatnagar Jain, Joint Secretary, DeitY visited Shanghai and Nanjing from 5th to 7th September 2012. The other members of delegation were Dr. B.N. Sathpathy, Economic Adviser, DeitY and delegates from NASSCOM and various Indian Industries. The purpose of the visit was to highlight focus on India’s IT/ITES prowess, breaking ice and coming to know about each other’s strengths. The following meetings/interactions were held during the visit:
    1. In a meeting held with Mr. Dai Haibo, Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization (SMCEI), it was proposed
         i. To consider extending Best Practices in the sphere of e-Governance.
         ii. Using the services of Indian IT and ITES industry for achieving SMCEI’s targets set for 2020.
    2. A closed door Roundtable Session was also held with Indian IT Companies on “Opportunities and Challenges for Indian IT-BPO industry in China and the way forward”.
    3. The delegation also visited Huawei’s Shanghai R&D Centre’s Mobile Broad Band Exhibition Hall and Huawei Enterprise Solution Exhibition Hall.
    4. A meeting took place before the opening ceremony of the 8th (Nanjing) International Software Product & Information Service Expo.
    5. A seminar on India-China IT-ITES Sector Cooperation Seminar was also held in Nanjing to increase general awareness about the strengths of Indian IT/ITES companies and their willingness to work with local Chinese companies.
    6. In the C+3I (China+ India, Israel & Ireland) cooperation summit all except Ireland specifically, expressed willingness to cooperate further.
  • A meeting of Working Group on Enhancement of Cooperation in IT and Electronics between India and China was held on 26th November in New Delhi. Subsequent to the above meeting, a Chinese delegation visited DeitY and had a meeting with senior officials in DeitY under the co-chairmanship of Secretary on 27th November 2012.


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