Automation Systems Technology Centre (ASTeC)

Automation systems provide better automation solutions for a host of requirements. Lab automation systems can help labs eliminate scope for errors and improve patient safety, Factory automation systems can make workers more productive with fewer errors, home automation systems can result in saving of energy by turning appliances off when not in need.

Automation Systems Technology Centre (ASTeC) programme, envisages to provide a national leadership in collaborative R&D for innovative technology development in the field of automation. It would be in close coordination with leading institutes of higher learning, research laboratories and user-industries of the country. An embedded Centre of Excellence has been created at CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram to launch Technology Development Research Programme in four pillars of automation research viz. Perception, Control, Learning and Systems. Necessary infrastructure development for this has already been completed at the nodal Centre. A total of 11 technology development projects as building blocks of automation systems have been initiated under ASTeC in the areas of Perception, Control, Learning and Systems.

Out of the above 11 ASTeC projects, the state-of-the-art technologies of Colour Sensing System, Multi Loop Controller (as part of Embedded Controllers project) and Object Oriented Modelling & Simulation Platform have already been developed and are undergoing field trials.

Two National Seminars on Automation Systems Technology has been conducted successfully to disseminate information about the project and create more awareness amongst the academic/research institutions and industry. Similar to NaMPET, ASTeC is also expected to provide a platform to interested academic/research institutions and industry to carry our collaborative research work in the field of automation technology.


ASTeC Projects

The eleven projects as discussed above include the following:

  • Colour Sensing System for industrial applications,
  • Imbedded Controllers with Common Communication Interface
  • Flexible Open SCADA
  • Object based Real Time Expert System (ORTESS) Shell
  • Object Oriented Modelling & Simulation Platform
  • Modelling and Control of Processes with Large process lag and Rndom Disturbances
  • Ultrasonic MEMS Level Sensing System
  • Synchronised Phaser Measurement Unit for Power System Wide Area Measurement
  • Wireless Sensor network
  • Advanced Process Control Library

Advanced control and failure prognosis and diagnosis of industrial processes for Steel making using Data Fusion

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