Bio Informatics

Bioinformatics is the new buzzword in the Life Sciences which has seen a flurry of activities in the recent times primarily fuelled by the ongoing Human Genome project. To cope up to the challenges posed by the Human Genome Project in sequencing and assembling the entire human genome and creating massive genetic databases, Biologists had to turn up to Mathematicians and Computer Scientists. The questions to be resolved were how to store the genetic codes, how to access the related databases or how to share data in other databases over the internet. Bioinformatics a multidisciplinary field at the crossroads of Biology, Medicine, Mathematics and Information Technology provides the right tool to transform the ever expanding storehouses of gene data. Bio-informatics aids in storing, searching, comparing, managing, exchanging, retrieving, analyzing and integrating huge quantities of genomic data produced globally and involves the use of sophisticated techniques like advanced data capture, data warehousing and data mining.

In Bio-informatics of special relevance are issues like understanding country specific human, plant and livestock diseases, bringing down the time taken in drug discovery process and rising to the challenges of climate change. Bio-informatics holds the key to unlock some of these issues concerning ordinary mortals and society at large.

Department of Information Technology is playing a proactive role to enhance the country’s competitiveness in Bio-informatics. The Bioinformatics Division of DIT supports research projects, creates right infrastructure for research and augments requisite skill sets in Bioinformatics. The R&D focus has been primarily on tools and databases related to Genome Research, Drug Designing and Biodiversity Preservation and Agri-Bioinformatics Promotion Program for Crop productivity improvement.


To have state of art research in Bioinformatics towards specific goals in the domain of:

  • Drug Delivery
  • Agri Bio-informatics Promotion Research Program for crop improvement, disease detection, pest control
  • Infrastructure/ Eco-system creation to facilitate Bioinformatics Research
  • To have trained Bio-Informatician’s with specialized skills.


Establishment of Bioinformatics centers on different aspects of bioinformatics.

  • Three Centres of Excellence for Bioinformatics at University of Pune, IBAB Bangalore and Pondicherry University.
  • Five Agri Bioinformatics Promotion Centers established for Bioinformatics application promotion in Agriculture through specific research and short term training:
    • entral Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasargod (Coconut)
    • SD Agriculture University, Gujarat (Pulses)
    • Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwa Vidayalaya, Raipur (Rice)
    • Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal (Wheat)
    • Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat (Tea)
  • Bioinformatics Resource and Application Facility (BRAF) at CDAC Pune.


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