Capacity Building

With the purpose of enhancing capability building leading to quality research, innovation and highly trained manpower. Some of these exercises include the following:

  • Focus on basic and technological knowledge to undertake development activities in the upcoming and technologically relevant areas like photovoltaic, energy conversion, sensors, passive components such as resistor, capacitors, etc.
  • Developing groups with strong experimentation culture and research base for continued advanced level research in these strategic areas.
  • Commissioning of critical equipments for the fabrication and analysis in the niche areas of materials and components that can serve as the basis for conducting further research in design and development of electronics devices.
  • A capability of processing technology for recycle and reuse of electronic wastes has been generated.

A capability has been created in basic and technological knowledge to undertake focused research and development activity in the area of;

RoHS Testing and Certification Centre

A state of the art analytical facility with NABL accreditation has been set up at C-MET Hyderabad for testing of the hazardous substance present in the electronics products. This would facilitate electronic industries for availing RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance certificate after thorough testing of the samples for all the requisite limits of the substances by standard analytical procedures. This compliance is mandatory requirement for domestic manufacturers and also exporters to European Union and other developed countries.

Facility for Recycling of Electronic Waste

  • Processing technology for Recycle of Electronic Wastes has been successfully established at NML Jamshedpur. Facility includes eddy current separator, hammer mill, ion exchange column etc.
  • Developed a process technology for conversion of waste plastics from e-waste to value added products at Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), Bhubaneswar.
  • A process technology for recovery of precious metals from printed circuit board (PCBs) has been developed at Centre C-MET, Hyderabad, with active participation of authorized recycler, M/s. E-parisara Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

DeitY has now utilized above developed technology to demonstrate the process in pilot plant at Bangalore since September 2014 with participation from State Government.

Carbone Aerogel Supercapacitor

A facility has been set up at CMET, Thrissur to carry out research and development on Carbon aerogel super-capacitor. Process technology was developed for preparing organic aerogels and carbon aerogels of batch size of ~2.5 kg/batch. Process for conversion of carbon powder into flexible carbon aerogel tapes has been established to prepare active electrode for the aerocapacitors (aerogel supercapacitor). Process technology for fabrication of aerocapacitors of cell targeted capacitance has been established.

Research facilities

  • Facility for development of lead free X-ray absorbing coating materials for various applications in medical has been setup at C-MET Pune.
  • A facility has been developed at C-MET Thrissur, for development of Nano NTC material and chip-in-glass fast response thermal sensors for exploring future application.
  • P- type ZnO thin films has been generated for advanced application like electronic paper and spintronix applications
  • Under DeitY’s sponsored project, a facility for design and development of Polymer based Sensors was established at IAST Guwahati.
  • Organic Film Transistors design and implementation facility at NCL Pune.
  • Process technology has been developed at IIT Guwahati for design and implementation of High Speed Wave Front Sensor of light beams.
  • Magnetic materials for high-permeability GHz-frequency inductors.
  • Tunnel Magneto Resistance materials and systems for very high density data storage technology and Spintronic devices
  • Oxide films and nanostructures for advanced sensors & energy systems
  • National Centre for Packaging of Photonic Devices at SAMEER, Mumbai
  • Facility for Epoxy based optical fibre alignment and attachment is made available and used by CEERI, BITS, IIT Bombay, IRDE, NeST et al.
  • Construction and Multi-site commissioning of Multiple Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers FCS undertaken at TIFR, Mumbai. Through this project several groups in the country trained in Biophotonics Instrument fabrication. Eleven FCS Systems developed and fabricated and now operational at 11 centres in the country.
  • Photonics Research Fellowship at various levels is undertaken all over the country. The effort is to develop a resource base of personnel trained to carry out advanced research in Photonics through pairing of fellowship applicants with their potential mentors in research labs in leading institutions, being successfully implemented.
  • Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Solid State Lighting.
  • Hybrid Solar Cells based on Organic Polymers and Inorganic Nano particles.