Completed Projects

Design & Development of Closed Loop Anesthesia Delivery System (CLADS).



Description: CLADS is an automated anesthesia delivery system developed by PGIMER, Chandigarh in which syringe infusion pumps for delivering different anesthetic drugsand the patient monitors are interfaced to a computer which uses an algorithm defined to control these syringe pumps based on the patient characteristics as well as continuous feedback of patient condition from the monitor.

Development of Radiation Field Analyser (RFA).


Description:RFA is used to measure the radiation beam profile of medical linear accelerator in water cuboid. In the radiation therapy treatment planning process it is essential to determine the radiation dose distribution emanating from radiation source and as it enters the body of the patient is very important. Theprobabilities of local control and complications are sensitive functions of dose delivered. Therefore, accurate knowledge of dose at all critical points within the body is essential.


Deployment of Telemedicine at Remote CHC/PHC in Tripura by WECS, Kolkata & IIT Kharagpur.

DescriptionThe project objective is to set up Telemedicine facilities at remote PHCs/CHCs in Tripura and to deploy Telemedicine to provide health care services for various categories of diseases in remote, rural areas of Tripura and thereby to permeate the benefit of ICT through Telemedicine Services in wide region of the state. Telemedicine systems have been deployed at two referral hospitals viz. GBP Hospital, Agartala, IGM Hospital, Agartala and six nodal hospitals and are being used for patient consultation.

Technology up gradation of Pulse Oximeter.



Description:Pulse Oximeter is a portable, non-invasive monitor of oxygen saturation that enables prompt recognition of hypoxemia. Pulse Oximetry basically measures oxygen saturation, the percentage of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen and Pulse Rate. Technology has been developed by CSIO, Chandigarh and transferred toREIL, Jaipur.

Design and Development of Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) for radiation Therapy by CSIO, Chandigarh and VIT Vellore.



Description:For the treatment of cancer, Modern radiation therapy deploys use of advanced Linear accelerators (LINAC) and treatment planning systems. Treatment strategies like Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) deploy precise treatment systems which are based on computational information from CT planning systems along with real time imaging from Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPID).

EPID is a camera based flat panel detector imaging technology integrated with LINAC machine. It helps capture images while the radiation treatment is about to start or in progress for accurate patient positioning and targeting of the desired region. EPID captures the image of the patient’s position with respect to beam location and helps calculate the error through which is beam is deviating from the region of interest or would harm the surrounding normal tissue.


Design and Development of 2.6 MW S-Band Tunable Pulse Magnetron.



Description: 2.6 MW Pulse Magnetron has been developed by CEERI Pilani and its testing on 6 MV LINAC at SAMEER, Mumbai has been successfully completed. Magnetron is a high power microwave source which is used in LINAC machine for acceleration of electron beams to energies to produce X-rays of required wavelength and intensity. Magnetron provides an economical solution for use in Linear Accelerator based X-ray machines which are extensively used for medical, industrialand security applications.


Establishment of facility for batch fabrication of Linear Accelerator (LINAC) tube for Linear Accelerator machines.

Description:To establish infrastructure for future batch production of 6 MV LINAC tube and LINAC machines for medical as well as industrial applications by SAMEER,DeitY had supported creation of a special infrastructure at Navi Mumbai, Kharghar campus. The setting up of this batch production facility is completed.Bench marking of the facility is in progress. On completion of the bench marking, the LINAC tube can be fabricated and the complete medical LINAC machine can be assembled tested and evaluated using the infrastructure facilities available at SAMEER.

Development of Data Management System for Oncology with special reference to RCC Thiruvananthapuram.

Description: Under a project funded by the Department at C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram, an integrated HIS-EMR system has been developed and implemented at RCC,Thiruvananthapuram. The system is operational for last two years in several cancer clinics of the Centre.


Content-based Image Retrieval for Medical Images.

Description:The project was aimed at demonstration of ICT for the training of junior radiologists. A system has been developed by IIT Kharagpur for training of radiologists by retrieving similar images along with interpretation.



National resource center for tele medicine in SGPGIMS Lucknow.

Description:Under this project a Centre for Excellence has been created in the area of telemedicine and biomedical informatics. The centre is being used by Union M/oHealth &Family Welfare as National Resource Center for National Medical College Network. Professionals from various States and abroad have also been trained at the center.


IT assisted Sign Lang. & Vocabulary learning software for children affected with hearing and speech impaired children of Sikkim, and Establishment of e Reading and E classroom system for visually impaired children of Sikkim.

Description: The project on Information Technology assisted Sign Language & Vocabulary learning software for hearing and speech impaired children of Sikkim andEstablishment of E-reading and E-classroom system for visually impaired children of Sikkim has been implemented in Sikkim by WML, Kolkata & CRTI, DIT,Sikkim.


A computational Analysis of speech impairments in children and the development of subsequent therapy.

Description: The project aims is to investigate the development of speech in normally developing children and children with communication disorders using various tools of signal analysis. The system developed by NBRC, Manesar, Haryana assists clinicians especially speech pathologists. Speech therapists and psychiatrists in earlier diagnosis of speech disorders and could be used to improve language- impaired children.

Development & Implementation of ICT based Mobile Tele Oncology System for extending the coverage of ONCONET Kerala project.

Description: To provide follow-up consultation for patients who have undergone cancer treatment at RCC, Trivandrum, detection of cancer, treatment for cervical cancer and access to major medical facilities through video conferencing and to conduct disease awareness programs.

A fully equipped Telemedicine Bus with the latest diagnostic equipments, treatment facility and Video Conferencing Facility (through V-SAT) has been developed by CDAC, Trivandrum and provided to the Malabar Cancer Care Society (MCCS). The project will cover 318 Panchayats of five districts of NorthKerala namely Kasargode, wayanad, Kannur, Malappuram and Kozhikode

Development of Medical Image Analyzer for Cervical Cancer (CerviSCAN).

Description:Cancer of the uterine cervix is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. It kills more than 288,000 women each year. CerviSCAN is a low cost,semi-automated system for early detection and screening of cervical cancer. This system developed by CDAC, Trivandrum, IIT Kharagpur & RCC Trivandrumcaptures images of PAP-smears using a digital microscope and applies advanced image analysis and machine learning algorithms to detect pre-cancerouslesions.

Design and Development of Multileaf Collimator (MLC) for use in Medical Linear Accelerator machine.- by SAMEER, Mumbai



Description:Multileaf collimators are used on linear accelerators to provide conformal shaping of radiotherapy treatment beams. The Multileaf collimator (MLC) has become essential component for radiation therapy delivery. The technology to adjust leaf positions during beam delivery based on a predetermined leafsequence facilitating intensity modulated radiation therapy provides required doses to the tumour based on the shape of the beam.



Technology Development for Building Distributed, Scalable, and Reliable Healthcare Information Store. – by CDAC Pune & SICS Sweden



Description: Under the project a framework has been developed that can be used to build a distributed, scalable, and reliable healthcare information store system havinga single EHR (Electronic Health Record) for every individual in the area of Medical Informatics. The framework developed under this project provides a platform for integration of health record from all possible sources. The framework provides an EHR API which application developers can use to build services around the framework and use distributed health store for the storage of electronic health records.

The project was executed in collaboration between C-DAC Pune, and SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) Sweden.

Design and Development of Automated Traction Unit- by CDAC Mohali:



Description:The automated traction unit (ATU-2M) is a complete system designed to provide precise traction force for physiotherapy purposes. The pull stretches the musculature and connective tissue components of the cervical spine to relieve the inter-vertebral pressures; thereby relieving the associated cervical andlumbar pains.