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Scientists as well as entrepreneurs develop products, technologies and inventions which need to be protected to ensure India’s Intellectual Property (IP) finding its rightful place in the global IPR ecosystem.

DeitY IPR Cell is making considerable efforts to improve the infrastructure of IP and safeguarding IPR so as to allow innovators to benefit from their inventions.

This approach is based on a threefold vision:

    i) Creating awareness and facilitating support

    ii) Promoting IPR in the field of ICTE


    iii) Creating infrastructure for a strong IPR ecosystem by way of development and support tools and technologies.

With these objectives, IPR Cell is providing support towards filing IPR applications which includes patents, copyrights, trademarks and design applications etc. by DeitY scientists, DeitY societies/organizations and grantee institutes. A considerable number of different IPR applications have been filed and a substantial number of patents already granted, the details of which are available at DeitY IPR Database.

To facilitate with tools and advice, two Prior Art Search centers at DeitY, New Delhi and CDAC, Pune are in operation for the last three years providing a gamut of IPR related services to academic institutions, scientific societies of DeitY, SMEs, start ups and independent inventors. The Search Centres aim to diffuse information about IPR, devise tools and technologies for easy access to databases and above all, to guide, nurture and stimulate growth of SMEs, start ups and academia especially in the area of ICTE.

Support for International Patent Protection in Electronics & IT (SIP_EIT)

DeitY IPR Database

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Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Programme in E&IT Sector

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