Digital Preservation

Digital PreservationThe explosion of digital information has caught us unprepared to handle the threats posed by rapidly changing technologies and digital obsolescence of computer hardware, software, file formats and storage media. The possibilities of data corruption, physical damage and disasters continue to endanger digitally encoded information. The obsolescence of digital content, e-records and the evidentiary proofs can create problems in administrative, judiciary and legislative functions in addition to loss of valuable information, intellectual property and heritage for future generations. Our digital universe includes text, images, documents, e-files, audio, video, 3D models, web pages, maps, datasets, big data, computer generated microfiche and various other forms of digital information across variety of domains. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the digital content and e-records in all forms of human heritage have to be preserved for access and use in future. It is challenging to ensure the discoverability, accessibility, usability, reliability and authenticity of such digital information over a long period. Therefore, it is necessary to develop Trusted Digital Repositories supported by tools, technologies, standards, best practices and policy for long-term preservation and access.

DeitY has taken early steps towards envisaging a National Digital Preservation Program. The steps taken in actualizing this vision include “National Study Report on Digital Preservation Requirements of India” and setting-up of “Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation” at C-DAC, Pune and C-DAC, Noida.

Digital Preservation project:

Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation CDAC, Noida

Project partner: CDAC, Pune

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