Financial Management-Group-II


Allocation of Assignment Among Officers and their Reporting pattern

Name of Division: Integrated Finance Division

Financial Management-Group-II
S.No. Officer Name and Designation Allocation of Assignment Reporting to Assisted by Remarks
1 -- 1. Assists JS&FA in regard to Financial matters; 2. Finance-I Section, Finance- II Section, Budget Section & D&D Section JS&FA Shri Altaf Khan, Joint Director  
2 -- Finance-I Section & Finance-II Section -- Smt. Amarjit Gulati, Section Officer
& Smt. Devender Marwah, Section Officer
3 Shri Altaf Khan, Deputy Director Budget Section & D&D Section -do- Shri K. R. Pujari, Section Officer  

Allocation of Work Assigned to Finance II Section

Financial Management-Group-II
1 Smt. Devinder Marwah
Section Officer
Scrutiny/Examining of new project proposals and their submission to Examination/Processing of investment /proposals relating to EFC/SFC of autonomous Societies under DIT.
Convening EFC/SFC meeting and correspondence with Planning Commission/Ministry of Finance form time to time.
Examination/Processing the cases/proposals relating to release of funds to all Societies/PUS under the administrative control of DIT.
Examination/submission of views /comments for Governing Council/Executive Committee meeting of Societies/PUS to the Competent Authority.
Scrutiny of MOU/MOA in respect of Societies under DIT.
Service related matters in respect of PSU/Societies under DIT.
Amendments of Acts, Rules etc. in regard to various administrative and financial matters in respect of Societies/PSU.
Examination of all financial matters relating to attached/subordinate offices i.e. STQC Directorate/NIC.
Examinations the proposals on Tender documents received from Engg. Section/Library.
Scrutiny of financial proposals in respect of Engg./OA Cell/Library/CERT-in /CCA.
Monitoring and coordination with P&AO about status of recovery of loan sanctioned to various grantee institutions and reminders to concerned GCs for it's timely recovery.
Submission of various reports/returns to Ministry of Finance in respect of autonomous Societies/PSUs under DIT.
Submission of periodical reports/returns to O&M Section, Security Section, Hindi Section, PPR Section, Vigilance Section and Record Room.
All Coordination work of Finance Division including issue of circulars/orders on financial matters.
Maintenance of records /Guard files/ registers, preparation of Compendium of Rules/Regulations/instructions issued by Government.
All internal administrative matters including dak receipts, issue, typing, computerization and recording/weeding out of old records as per MOP.
2 Smt. Meenakshi Kumar
3 Sh. O.P Goinyal UDC


Allocation of Work Assigned to Finance I Section
1 Smt. Amarjit Gulati
Section Officer
  • Convening SFC/EFC meetings and correspondence with Ministry of Finance/Planning Commission from time to time.
  • Scrutiny/Examining of new project proposals and their submission to JS&FA/Secretary/Hon'ble Minister for approval.
  • Processing of investment proposals such as SFC/EFC/PIB.
  • Examination of various sanctioned schemes as per GFR/DFPR for release of GIA.
  • Monitoring of utilization certificates in respect of Grant-in-aid.
  • Issuing the status instructions/guidelines as per GFR for timely monitoring the projects by Programme Division.
  • Scrutiny & examinations of proposals for GIA relating to National/International conference.
  • Scrutiny of Bank Guarantees, Bond, MOUs/MOAs as per GFR.
  • Preparation of month wise/group wise data for release of GIA of all Project.
  • Maintenance of Sanction folders for sanction letters issued by various Divisions.
  • Issuing instructions on various economy measures as received from Ministry of Finance.
  • Service related matters in respect of DIT/STQC/NIC/CCA personnel such as pay fixation, revision of pay etc.
  • Conversion of temporary posts into permanent post.
  • Deputation cases.
  • Proposals for sponsorship/delegation/ deputation abroad.
  • Cases relating to payment of honorarium.
  • Scrutiny of financial proposal of General Administration.
  • Disposal/condemnation, writing off of losses.
  • Coordination of internal meetings in IFD.
  • Submission of various report/returns to O&M Section.
  • Maintenance of records/registers/guard files of Rules/Orders.
  • Internal administrative matters including dak receipts, issues computerization and recording/ weeding out of old records as per MOP.
2 Smt. Revathi S.K. Assistant
3 Smt. Sushma Rani UDC


Name of the Section : - Budget Section

Financial Management-Group-II
Sl No. Officers Name & Designation Allocation of Assignment Reporting to Assisted by Remarks
1 Sh. K.R Pujari Section Officer
  • Coordination & follow up Action Taken on the recommendations contained in PAC Report & CAG Reports.
  • Follow-up regarding settlement of Audit Para, Internal Audit & Local Audit Report in r/o Labs/ Centres/ Societies/ PSUs/ Autonomous Bodies/NIC etc.
  • Monthly report regarding Pending ATNs.
  • Quarterly executive summary.
  • Co- ordination with local Audit Party visiting for the Office of the Principal Director of Audit New Delhi.
  • Any matter relating Budget and Audit and other matter may be specifically assigned.
    • Preparation of Demands for Grants-in-Aid.
    • Preparation of various statements relating to Budget as per Budget Circular.
    • Preparation of Standing Committee Report.
    • Formulation of Budget proposal in coordination with other Division.
    • Preparation of Monthly statement of IEBR for submission to Ministry of Finance.
      • Preparation of proposed RE for 2004-05 for Pre Budget meeting.
      • Preperation of Final statement of BE for 2005-06 RE for 2004-05.
      • Preparation of Supplementary Demands for Grants.
      • Preparation of Re- appropriation Order/ Surrender orders.
      • Preparation of Monthly/ Weekly expenditure statement.
      • Preparation of Performance Budget.
        • Furnishing of Various Quarterly & Monthly Reports Internal.
        • Internal Administration, Internal Computerisation, DAK, Receipt/ Issues & Typing.

Shri Altaf Khan, Dy. Director.
Smt. Inderjeet Kaur, Assistant.
Sh. Jagbir Singh, Assistant.
Sh. Ashok Bhatt U.D.C
Sh. Naveen Yadav, L.D.C


Name of Division:- D&D Section

Financial Management-Group-II
1 --
  • Preparation of Salary Bills.
  • Preparation of Salary Slips, Bank Statements, forwarding salary details to Bank through floppy, Calculation of various interest & Miscellaneous works.
  • GPF Advance/Withdrawal, House Building Advance, Scooter/Motor Car/Cycle Advance, PC Advance, Festival Advance, Fan Advance, Retirement benefits etc.
  • O.T.A. Bill, Pay arrears, Miscellaneous bills.
  • Issue of Form 16, Calculation of GPF Interest and issue of Annual GPF statement.
  • D.A. Arrears.
  • Monthly reconciliation of Accounts with Pay & Accounts Office.
  • Preparation of Domestic/Foreign TA/DA Advance/Settlement bills.
  • Preparation of Challan for unspent Amount of TA/LTC Advance.
  • Preparation of TA/DA bills of Non-Official Members.
  • Preparation of LTC Advance/Settlement bills.
  • Preparation of Transfer TA/Settlement bills.
  • Parliament Question towards TA/DA bills.
  • Settlement of Inward Claims/bills received from Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Preparation of all kinds of Contigency /Grant-in-Aid bills.
  • Received of various Chques/DD's & entry in Cheque Register. Credit of All Receipts.
  • Preparing & issue of TDS certificate to various parties.
  • Weekly statement of Cheques/Demand Drafts to be received from
  • P & A O.
  • Preparation of Daily Expenditure Statement of all kinds of Bills.
  • Data entry in computer viz. Grants/OE/OC/Salary, Medical, O.T. FTE/DTE of DIT/STQC/CCA.
  • Hindi Progressive Report.
  • Preparation of Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly report to O&M/Finance Division regarding Checks on Delays, Annual Performance, Allocation of assignment, Records Management Aspects, Annual Inspection of Section, Anti-Corruption measures, Security matters to Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Preparation of LTA/Local Conveyance.
  • Submission of Quarterly Progress Report to be sent to Ministry of Finance regarding expenditure incurred on Pay & various types of allowances civilian employees of the Central Govt.
  • Maintenance of Records/Resisters & Destitution of Dak.
Shri Altaf Khan, Dy. Director
2 Shri B.S. Rawat, Assistant
3 Shri H.S. Arora, Cashier/Asstt.
4 Shri Ramesh Kumar, Assistant
5 Smt. P.Tigga, Assistant
6 Smt. Kulwant Kaur, Assistant
7 Smt. Lalita Nair, Assistant
8 Shri Bhoop Singh, U.D.C
9 Shri M.C. Rana, U.D.C
10 Shri M.C. Sharma, L.D.C.
11 Shri Vijay Prakash, Daftry


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