Financial Management-Group-II


Allocation of Assignment Among Officers and their Reporting pattern

Name of Division: Integrated Finance Division

Financial Management-Group-II
S.No. Officer Name and Designation Allocation of Assignment Reporting to Assisted by Remarks
1 -- 1. Assists JS&FA in regard to Financial matters; 2. Finance-I Section, Finance- II Section, Budget Section & D&D Section JS&FA Shri Altaf Khan, Joint Director  
2 -- Finance-I Section & Finance-II Section -- Smt. Amarjit Gulati, Section Officer
& Smt. Devender Marwah, Section Officer
3 Shri Altaf Khan, Deputy Director Budget Section & D&D Section -do- Shri K. R. Pujari, Section Officer  

Allocation of Work Assigned to Finance II Section

Financial Management-Group-II
1 Smt. Devinder Marwah
Section Officer
Scrutiny/Examining of new project proposals and their submission to Examination/Processing of investment /proposals relating to EFC/SFC of autonomous Societies under DIT.
Convening EFC/SFC meeting and correspondence with Planning Commission/Ministry of Finance form time to time.
Examination/Processing the cases/proposals relating to release of funds to all Societies/PUS under the administrative control of DIT.
Examination/submission of views /comments for Governing Council/Executive Committee meeting of Societies/PUS to the Competent Authority.
Scrutiny of MOU/MOA in respect of Societies under DIT.
Service related matters in respect of PSU/Societies under DIT.
Amendments of Acts, Rules etc. in regard to various administrative and financial matters in respect of Societies/PSU.
Examination of all financial matters relating to attached/subordinate offices i.e. STQC Directorate/NIC.
Examinations the proposals on Tender documents received from Engg. Section/Library.
Scrutiny of financial proposals in respect of Engg./OA Cell/Library/CERT-in /CCA.
Monitoring and coordination with P&AO about status of recovery of loan sanctioned to various grantee institutions and reminders to concerned GCs for it's timely recovery.
Submission of various reports/returns to Ministry of Finance in respect of autonomous Societies/PSUs under DIT.
Submission of periodical reports/returns to O&M Section, Security Section, Hindi Section, PPR Section, Vigilance Section and Record Room.
All Coordination work of Finance Division including issue of circulars/orders on financial matters.
Maintenance of records /Guard files/ registers, preparation of Compendium of Rules/Regulations/instructions issued by Government.
All internal administrative matters including dak receipts, issue, typing, computerization and recording/weeding out of old records as per MOP.
2 Smt. Meenakshi Kumar
3 Sh. O.P Goinyal UDC


Allocation of Work Assigned to Finance I Section
1 Smt. Amarjit Gulati
Section Officer
  • Convening SFC/EFC meetings and correspondence with Ministry of Finance/Planning Commission from time to time.
  • Scrutiny/Examining of new project proposals and their submission to JS&FA/Secretary/Hon'ble Minister for approval.
  • Processing of investment proposals such as SFC/EFC/PIB.
  • Examination of various sanctioned schemes as per GFR/DFPR for release of GIA.
  • Monitoring of utilization certificates in respect of Grant-in-aid.
  • Issuing the status instructions/guidelines as per GFR for timely monitoring the projects by Programme Division.
  • Scrutiny & examinations of proposals for GIA relating to National/International conference.
  • Scrutiny of Bank Guarantees, Bond, MOUs/MOAs as per GFR.
  • Preparation of month wise/group wise data for release of GIA of all Project.
  • Maintenance of Sanction folders for sanction letters issued by various Divisions.
  • Issuing instructions on various economy measures as received from Ministry of Finance.
  • Service related matters in respect of DIT/STQC/NIC/CCA personnel such as pay fixation, revision of pay etc.
  • Conversion of temporary posts into permanent post.
  • Deputation cases.
  • Proposals for sponsorship/delegation/ deputation abroad.
  • Cases relating to payment of honorarium.
  • Scrutiny of financial proposal of General Administration.
  • Disposal/condemnation, writing off of losses.
  • Coordination of internal meetings in IFD.
  • Submission of various report/returns to O&M Section.
  • Maintenance of records/registers/guard files of Rules/Orders.
  • Internal administrative matters including dak receipts, issues computerization and recording/ weeding out of old records as per MOP.
2 Smt. Revathi S.K. Assistant
3 Smt. Sushma Rani UDC


Name of the Section : - Budget Section

Financial Management-Group-II
Sl No. Officers Name & Designation Allocation of Assignment Reporting to Assisted by Remarks
1 Sh. K.R Pujari Section Officer
  • Coordination & follow up Action Taken on the recommendations contained in PAC Report & CAG Reports.
  • Follow-up regarding settlement of Audit Para, Internal Audit & Local Audit Report in r/o Labs/ Centres/ Societies/ PSUs/ Autonomous Bodies/NIC etc.
  • Monthly report regarding Pending ATNs.
  • Quarterly executive summary.
  • Co- ordination with local Audit Party visiting for the Office of the Principal Director of Audit New Delhi.
  • Any matter relating Budget and Audit and other matter may be specifically assigned. Preparation of Demands for Grants-in-Aid.Preparation of various statements relating to Budget as per Budget Circular.Preparation of Standing Committee Report.Formulation of Budget proposal in coordination with other Division.Preparation of Monthly statement of IEBR for submission to Ministry of Finance.< >Preparation of proposed RE for 2004-05 for Pre Budget meeting.Preperation of Final statement of BE for 2005-06 RE for 2004-05.Preparation of Supplementary Demands for Grants.Preparation of Re- appropriation Order/ Surrender orders.Preparation of Monthly/ Weekly expenditure statement.Preparation of Performance Budget.< >Furnishing of Various Quarterly & Monthly Reports Internal.Internal Administration, Internal Computerisation, DAK, Receipt/ Issues & Typing.Shri Altaf Khan, Dy. Director.
Smt. Inderjeet Kaur, Assistant.
Sh. Jagbir Singh, Assistant.
Sh. Ashok Bhatt U.D.C
Sh. Naveen Yadav, L.D.C


Name of Division:- D&D Section

Financial Management-Group-II
1 --
  • Preparation of Salary Bills.
  • Preparation of Salary Slips, Bank Statements, forwarding salary details to Bank through floppy, Calculation of various interest & Miscellaneous works.
  • GPF Advance/Withdrawal, House Building Advance, Scooter/Motor Car/Cycle Advance, PC Advance, Festival Advance, Fan Advance, Retirement benefits etc.
  • O.T.A. Bill, Pay arrears, Miscellaneous bills.
  • Issue of Form 16, Calculation of GPF Interest and issue of Annual GPF statement.
  • D.A. Arrears.
  • Monthly reconciliation of Accounts with Pay & Accounts Office.
  • Preparation of Domestic/Foreign TA/DA Advance/Settlement bills.
  • Preparation of Challan for unspent Amount of TA/LTC Advance.
  • Preparation of TA/DA bills of Non-Official Members.
  • Preparation of LTC Advance/Settlement bills.
  • Preparation of Transfer TA/Settlement bills.
  • Parliament Question towards TA/DA bills.
  • Settlement of Inward Claims/bills received from Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Preparation of all kinds of Contigency /Grant-in-Aid bills.
  • Received of various Chques/DD's & entry in Cheque Register. Credit of All Receipts.
  • Preparing & issue of TDS certificate to various parties.
  • Weekly statement of Cheques/Demand Drafts to be received from
  • P & A O.
  • Preparation of Daily Expenditure Statement of all kinds of Bills.
  • Data entry in computer viz. Grants/OE/OC/Salary, Medical, O.T. FTE/DTE of DIT/STQC/CCA.
  • Hindi Progressive Report.
  • Preparation of Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly report to O&M/Finance Division regarding Checks on Delays, Annual Performance, Allocation of assignment, Records Management Aspects, Annual Inspection of Section, Anti-Corruption measures, Security matters to Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Preparation of LTA/Local Conveyance.
  • Submission of Quarterly Progress Report to be sent to Ministry of Finance regarding expenditure incurred on Pay & various types of allowances civilian employees of the Central Govt.
  • Maintenance of Records/Resisters & Destitution of Dak.
Shri Altaf Khan, Dy. Director
2 Shri B.S. Rawat, Assistant
3 Shri H.S. Arora, Cashier/Asstt.
4 Shri Ramesh Kumar, Assistant
5 Smt. P.Tigga, Assistant
6 Smt. Kulwant Kaur, Assistant
7 Smt. Lalita Nair, Assistant
8 Shri Bhoop Singh, U.D.C
9 Shri M.C. Rana, U.D.C
10 Shri M.C. Sharma, L.D.C.
11 Shri Vijay Prakash, Daftry