Foreign Trade Policy

  • In general, all Electronics and IT products are freely importable, with the exception of some defence related items. All Electronics and IT products, in general, are freely exportable, with the exception of a small negative list which includes items such as high power microwave tubes, high end super computer and data processing security equipment.
  • Second hand capital goods are freely importable.
  • Zero duty Export Promotion Capital Goods scheme (EPCG) which allows import of capital goods at zero% customs duty is available to exporters of electronic products. The export obligation under EPCG Scheme can also be fulfilled by the supply of Information Technology Agreement (ITA-1) items to the DTA provided the realization is in free foreign exchange.
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are being set up to enable hassle free manufacturing and trading for export purposes. Sales from Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) to SEZs are being treated as physical export. This entitles domestic suppliers to Drawback/ DEPB benefits, CST exemption and Service Tax exemption.
  • Supplies of Information Technology Agreement (ITA-1) items and notified zero duty telecom/electronic items in the Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) by EOU/EHTP/STP/SEZ units are counted for the purpose of fulfillment of positive Net Foreign Exchange Earnings (NFE).
  • The import of second hand computers including personal computers/ laptops and refurbished/reconditioned spares are restricted for import. However, second hand computers, laptops and computer peripherals including printer, plotter, scanner, monitor, keyboard and storage units can be imported freely as donations by the following category of donees, subject to the condition that the goods shall not be used for any commercial purpose and are non-transferable:
    • Schools run by Central or State Government or a local body,
    • Educational Institution run on non-commercial basis by any organization,
    • Registered Charitable Hospital,
    • Public Library,
    • Public funded Research and Development Establishment,
    • Community Information Centre run by the Central or State Government or local bodies,
    • Adult Education Centre run by the Central or State Government or a local body,
    • Organisation of the Central or State Government or a Union Territory.

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