Free and Open Source Software

FOSS Initiative Cell, Department of Electronics and Information Technology, welcomes you to the world of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). FOSS is stipulated by a liberal licensing policy that makes it possible to be obtained free of charge along with the source code, which can be modified by the user as per requirements. Advantages like increasing interoperability, developing local capacity/ industry, reducing costs, achieving vendor independence, enabling localization, reducing piracy/copyright infringements and increasing growth of knowledge-based society are among the compelling reasons for adopting FOSS. India’s strength in Information Technology can be utilized to develop products using FOSS which will help in bridging the digital divide with significant cost savings and facilitate the creation of a knowledge society. Indian industry/SMEs can benefit from the liberal licensing norms of FOSS which enables software to be freely modified and distributed.



  • Research & Development in area of FOSS
  • Deployment of FOSS tools & technologies
  • Training & Support
  • Human Resource Development



For Further Information

Mrs.  Neeraja Atri
Scientist G,  Head of Division
FOSS Initiative Cell, R&D in IT Group
Telephone : +91-11-24363107, +91-11-24301280 (Office)
Fax: +91-11-24363123 (Fax)



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