IT for Masses Plan Scheme

Tenth Plan

Eleventh Plan

Tenth Plan (2002-2007)

Planning Commission had constituted a Working Group for formulation of plan proposals for Tenth Plan. The Working Group had inter-alia recommended that a Plan Scheme on 'IT for Masses' may be formulated for taking IT to the masses. The following focal areas were considered to be covered under 'IT for Masses':

  • Infrastructure and Services
  • Electronics Governance
  • Education
  • Mass Campaign for IT Awareness

Accordingly, during the Tenth Five Year Plan activities proposed under IT for Masses were focussed on Technology and Application Developments and IT Awareness Campaigns.
As the spectrum of activities proposed by the Working Group was expansive but with fund constraints, so during the first four years of the tenth plan, under the IT for Masses, scheme projects were initiated in Telemedicine & Digital Library only.
During the last year that is 2006-07, projects were initiated for empowerment of Women and development of SCs/STs.

The list of activities undertaken included:

  • Promotion of Internet accessibility
  • Content creation: in local languages along with multimedia techniques
  • Content creation and Tele Medicine Applications for Community Information Centers (CICs)
  • IT applications for physically challenged people
  • Mass IT campaigns / Public Awareness Programs with IT Application
  • Empowerment of the Masses with special thrust on Women and Children
  • Rural Healthcare Systems
  • Technology Development with Multimedia, Digital Library, etal for preserving cultural heritage and social identity

Allocation of Tenth Plan

  • Total GBS(gross budgetary support) sought for the Tenth Plan Period – Rs. 35 Crores
  • Total allocation in Tenth plan - Rs. 70 Crores
  • Actual Expenditure for the Tenth Plan Period (Cumulative) – Rs. 58.88 Crores
  • No. of Projects for Women & SC/ST – 10
  • No of Projects done under Telemedicine – 15
  • No of Projects done under Digital Library - 16

Eleventh Plan (2007-2012)

In the Eleventh Plan, the IT for Masses scheme has been restructured to focus on Women Empowerment and uplifting of SC/STs through ICT (Information and Communication technologies).

Objective of Eleventh Five Year Plan

  • Gender & SC/ST Equality and Inclusion.
  • Poverty Alleviation


  • 27.5 percent of the population live below poverty line,
  • 80 percent of the rural poor in 2004-05 belonged to the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Casts,
  • 90 percent of the overall workforce is employed in the informal economy; for women the percentage is at 96 percent
  • 49 percent of the Women are poor.

Focus Areas

  • SC/ST, Women in rural & urban areas
  • Poor or asset less marginalized women with special focus on SC/ST households
  • Women headed households and families below the poverty line

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