List of selected 40 eforms


Serial Number Services List Department High Volume High Citizen Outlook MMP Services
1 Caste Certificate -  SC/ST/ OBC Revenue Yes Yes  
2 Birth Registration Health / Municipality Yes Yes  
3 Birth Certificate -[Addition of name/Change in Name/Late entry case] Health / Municipality Yes Yes  
4 Death Registration Health / Municipality Yes Yes  
5 Death Certificate [Normal/Late Entry cases] Health / Municipality Yes Yes  
6 Non-Encumbrance Revenue   Yes  
7 Residence Certificate Revenue   Yes  
8 Domicile Certificate Revenue Yes Yes  
9 Handicap Certificate Revenue   Yes  
10 Income Certificate Revenue Yes Yes  
11 Solvency Certificate Revenue      
12 ROR / Certified copies of ROR Revenue     Yes
13 Permission for Loudspeaker Revenue   Yes  
14 Permission for Fair Revenue   Yes  
15 Permission for processions Revenue   Yes  
16 Registration under Hindu Marriage Act Revenue Yes Yes Yes
17 Registration of Marriage under special Marriage act Revenue Yes Yes  
18 Issuance of Marriageability certificate Revenue      
19 Solemnized marriage Revenue   Yes  
20 Issuance of Voter Certificate / iCard Election Yes Yes  
21 Duplicate Voter Certificate / iCard Election Yes Yes  
22 Application for inclusion of name in the electoral rolls Election Yes Yes  
23 Application for Deletion of Name in the Voter's List Election Yes Yes  
24 Application for electricity connection Municipality Yes Yes  
25 Application for Water connection Municipality Yes Yes  
26 Application for Telephone connection/Transfer Municipality Yes Yes  
27 Application for Sewerage connection Municipality Yes    
28 Issuance of Arms License GAD   Yes  
29 Renewal of Arms License GAD   Yes  
30 Application for Scholarship Programs-[Merit/Caste/Financial Status oriented] Education   Yes  
31 Registration with Employment Exchange Employment   Yes  
32 Pension- Widow Social Welfare Yes Yes Yes
33 Pension- Old Age Social Welfare Yes Yes  
34 Pension- Physically Handicapped Social Welfare Yes    
35 Issue of New Ration Card Food & Supplies Yes Yes  
36 Duplicate Ration Card Food & Supplies Yes Yes  
37 Modification in Ration card - Addition/Deletion/ Change of Address Food & Supplies Yes Yes  
38 Surrender Certificate against Ration Card Food & Supplies   Yes  
39 Application for Appeal Registration & Appeal Redressal All Departments   Yes  
40 Grievance Service All Departments Yes Yes  


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