Major Research Output

Technologies successfully developed and demonstrated include:

ASIC based Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

An ASIC based Digital Programmable Hearing Aid (DPHA) along with hearing aid programming software was designed and developed by CDAC Thiruvananthapuram. Field trials were carried out for Body Worn type as well as Behind-the-ear type at hospitals/institutes across India. The Technology developed is being transferred to M/S Best Hearing Solutions, Delhi and M/S Keltron, Kerala.


Body Worn Type DPHA Behind-the-ear Type DPHA

General Purpose 8 port Secure Microcontroller

A general purpose 8 port secure microcontroller developed and fabricated with features like 4 KB RAM and 32 KB Flash EEPROM, bi-directional ports, SPI module& RS232 serial port. Technology has been transferred to ANURAG,DRDO.

Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based Gas sensors

Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based hand-held Gas sensor prototypes for sensing Ammonia and Carbon monoxide have been developed by CEERI Pilani.


Handheld electronic for gas sensor power and readout MEMS gas sensor capped with perforated metal cap.

20 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

20 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) developed by IISc Bangalore. This LNA amplifies very weak RF signals and is expected to support the CMOS integration of Strategic communication system. Field trial of the prototype completed successfully.


Smart Camera Algorithms for Object Tracking and Change Detection

Smart Camera Algorithms for Object Tracking and Change Detection developed by IIT Delhi and CEERI Pilani

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Facilities

A State-of-the-art facility for Advanced Processing Capabilities in LTCC has been set up at C-MET Pune jointly by NPMASS-DRDO and DeitY. Infrastructure has been created to handle the advanced applications in LTCC such as high density interconnects, microfluidics and micro-sensor packaging.

Patents in last 5 years

The following patents/copyright applications have been filed:

i. Low Power Continuous - Time Delta-Sigma Converters (Indian and International Patent)- IIT Madras

ii. Method and Apparatus for Low Power Continuous- Time Delta Sigma Modulation- IIT Madras

iii. Adaptive Digital Baseband Receiver (Indian & International Patent)- IISc, Bangalore

iv. Low Noise Amplifying Mixer (Indian and International Patent)- IISc, Bangalore

v. Low Distortion Filters (Patent Cooperation Treaty and Indian patent)-IIT Madras

vi. Design and implementation of an Associative Architecture for object tracking in Smart Camera System-CEERI Pilani.

vii. A Secure Programming Interface for Non Volatile Memory in an Embedded Device- CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram

viii. Programmable DSP SoC for low frequency applications incorporating power reduction through threshold based switching technique and macro management- CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram

ix. Active filters called Gm-assisted-OTA-RC (Patent Cooperation Treaty)- IIT Madras

x. System and Method for Built-in Self Test (BIST) in an integrated circuit (PCT and Indian) - IISc Bangalore

xi. A system to generate a predetermined fractional period time delay (US and Indian) - IISc, Bangalore

xii. An energy-efficient FLIPDAC switching technique for capacitive DAC in SAR ADCs (PCT and Indian) - IISc, Bangalore

xiii. Low Drop Diode Equivalent Circuit (US and Indian)- IISc, Bangalore

xiv. Sub 1000C Thermo-compression metal-metal direct bonding(Indian patent) - IIT Hyderabad

Publications: 37 papers have been published so far from the ongoing projects.