Medical Electronics, Health Informatics & Telemedicine Applications

Medical Electronics is the convergence of Electronics with the realm of Medicine. Consider a few cases to understand the reach and impact Medical Electronics is having on the horizon of patient care. Surgeons using 3-D body registration systems and high-resolution imaging for cutting into invisible areas, implanted insulin pumps with a closed loop feedback capable of automatic fine tuning of drug delivery thus cutting down the need for diabetics to opt for regular self-tests, implanted stimulators and drug delivery devices that focuses only on affected parts instead of oral delivery of psychiatric drugs lessening to a great extent the risk of collateral damages and side effects. Today an increasingly rich mishmash of Electronic therapeutic and diagnostic instruments, techniques are blended in innovative ways for overall improvement in health care and devising potential cure for a large number of hitherto incurable diseases. With growing popularity of Medical Electronics there is now a growing concern on quality, safety, reliability, spiraling cost, liability and regulatory issues. Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) understanding the crucial role of Electronics in Medical application has initiated a series of proactive measures. These include development and deployment of indigenously developed medical electronic devices in healthcare centres across country. Under the aegis of DIT a 6 MeV Medical LINAC (Linear Accelerator) used for radiation therapy in cancer patients has been installed at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha and RCC, Adyar, Chennai. Besides, a lot of technology/ products have been developed for the visually challenged people and successfully implemented through a number of blind schools in the country. DeitY has developed Telemedicine technology to provide quality healthcare to patients in rural/ remote locations through specialists. Under Telemedicine pilot projects, Telemedicine centres have been set up in Tripura, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Several doctors and paramedics have also been trained on using this Technology.

  • Medical and Imagining equipment, including MRI
  • Electronic Health Records & Online courseware in health informatics
  • Decision support system
  • Infrastructure for training, maintenance of medical electronics equipment
  • Establishing Centre of Excellence in medical electronics R&D
  • Futuristic R&D project using new/next generation technologies, including Neuro technology
  • Development of assistive technologies and independent living aids.


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