Minutes of the eDistrict PRSG meeting held on 18th October 2010

Minutes of the eDistrict PRSG meeting held on 18th October 2010 at PMU conference room under the Chairmanship of Shri Shankar Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Department of Information Technology.

  • List of participants is enclosed in Annexure I.
  • JS (SA) initiated the meeting by stating that eDistrict is a very important MMP and the progress of eGovernance in our country depends on the success of this project because most other MMPs cater to the higher sections of society while eDistrict is targeted primarily for the rural population.
  • Progress of Pilot Project was reviewed with State Officials and review is given below


Director IT, Govt. of Punjab shared the progress and Stated that State has selected HCL as the System Integrator. Application development is not yet started in the State. State has submitted a revised project schedule which stipulates Go Live by 31st December, 2010. Government Orders for enabling services will also be issued by 31/12/2010..


Secretary IT, Govt. of Rajasthan informed that State has selected PwC as the Consultant. As Is, To Be reports are completed. RFP for selection of System Integrator is under preparation and it is expected that the same will be floated by next month end. Government Orders is also likely to be issued by next month end and the pilot project implementation is expected within 14 months

Out of 1900 CSCs approximately 1650 CSCs have been made operational and the rest is expected by the end of December 2010


Principal Secretary IT, Govt. of Uttarakhand informed the meeting that pilot will go live in Kotdwar Tehsil by next month

DIT has raised their concern over the issuance of Government orders and approval of FRS. Regarding this State Government informed the meeting that DeGS has desired to review the FRS which is in progress. Government Orders will be issued at the earliest


Secretary IT, Govt. of Kerala has informed that Kerala Electronic Delivery of Services rules have been approved and published in the State Gazette. Hardware procurement is under progress.

State has committed that by 31st December 2010 eDistrict Pilot Project will be launched formally in the State.


Director IT, Govt. of Maharashtra, apprised the meeting that Hardware procurement is under progress in the State.

State has committed to launch the pilot project by 15th November 2010. In Phase I for 10 services in 5 districts. GOs are also expected to be issued by 15th November 2010.


SIO, Govt. of Haryana, has informed the meeting that order has been placed for Hardware procurement and Application is ready for 4 services, trial run has been done and GOs have been prepared and submitted for the review.

Regarding the issue of STQC testing, Dr. Narang, CTO, NISG has informed the meeting that each eDistrict application has to be certified by STQC but State/NIC is not providing any documents to STQC. It was decided to write to DG, NIC accordingly.

Regarding the slow progress of the project Joint Secretary, DIT has asked the State to expedite the progress of the project otherwise DIT will be constrained to withdraw the project from the State.


Secretary IT. Govt. of Orissa apprised the status of the pilot project in the meeting. He informed that pilot project in two districts will be launched by 1st December,2010. . Joint Secretary, DIT enquired as how many services will be delivered in two districts and what is target date for the all the services.

Secretary IT informed that a total of 22 services will be delivered in two districts out of which 10 services will be launched by 20th November 2010 and remaining services will be launched by December 2010.

Regarding the issue of CMM certification of the System Integrator DIT asked the State to expedite the comments. The state agreed to take a final view with next 2 weeks .

Madhya Pradesh

OSD, MAP_IT, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, informed the meeting that arrangements have been made for the inauguration by the Chief Minister after Diwali for the launch of 7/28 services under eDistrict pilot project in two districts of Guna and Sagar. State was also requested to send officially the copy of GO/Rules already issued for eDistrict.


Secretary IT, Govt. of Mizoram informed that application development and Hardware procurement and installation have been completed. Works of site preparation and Data digitization are also almost complete. However connectivity is a big problem in few locations in the State.

State requested VSAT connectivity, in response to which Director, DIT informed the meeting that DIT has already requested NIC for providing the VSAT connectivity.


State has launched certicate service live in Nalanda and Aurangabad districts. However GO for all the services are still pending. State was asked to expedite the same.

State has also informed that hardware installation and site preparation is almost complete in Madhubani district. As state elections are in the process, the launch of remaining services is likely to be delayed. It was also decided to depute PC (SS) to Bihar to make an on the spot inspection & report.


State has informed that Revenue Services have been made live on 15th October in all 5 districts. This is in addition to 3 services under social welfare which are already live. It was assured that rollout of all services in all 5 districts shall be launched by 31st January, 2011.

West Bengal

State has launched the services under eDistrict pilot project on 27/09/2010

Decision taken

  • Period of the implementation of Pilot projects for all pilot states ( except Rajasthan and Puducherry) has been agreed by PRSG to extend up to 31st March 2011 but States to ensure that pilots in all 14 States GO LIVE by December, 2010.
  • The PRSG also recommends the release of the subsequent installment to the States.

Annexure I

List of Participants

  • Mr. Shankar Aggarwal, IAS, Joint Secretary, DIT
  • Mr. Ajay Kumar, IAS Secretary IT, Govt. of Kerala
  • Mr. D.N. Gupta,IAS Secretary IT, Govt. of Orissa
  • Mr. Abhishek Singh, IAS, Director, DIT
  • Mrs. Ishita Roy, IAS Director, KSITM, Govt. of Kerala
  • Mr. S.S. Garbyal, Secretar IT, Govt. of Mizoram
  • Mr. Anurag Shrivastava, OSD, MAP_IT, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
  • Mr. Dilip Kumar, IAS Director IT, Govt. of Punjab
  • Mr. Susanta Majumdar, Joint Secretary, Govt. of West Bengal.
  • Mr V K Sinha, Project Leader, BELTRON, Bihar
  • Dr. Rajesh Narang, CTO, NISG
  • Mrs. Kavita Bhatia, Additional Director, DIT
  • Mr. P.K Gupta, Senior Consultant, PMU, DIT
  • Mr. Koushlendra Singh, Sr. Executive, PMU, DIT

Through video conference

  • Mr. Rakesh Sharma, IAS, Principal Secretary IT, Govt. of Uttarakhand
  • Mr Sanjay Malhotra, IAS, Secretary IT, Govt. of Rajasthan.
  • Mr. Santosh Babu, IAS, MD, ELCOT
  • Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Prasanna ,IAS Director IT, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Mr G D Bansal, SIO, NIC, Haryana.


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