Completed Projects:

1. Development of Prototypes Aprons, Glass sheets and Curtains from Lead-Free X-ray absorbing materials, at C-MET Pune.

2. Synthesis & Development of broadband EMI shielding materials using magneto-dielectric nano-particles, at Tejpur University, Assam

3. Synthesis of Nano NTC material and development of chip in glass fast response thermal sensors , at C-MET Thrissur

4. Development of MWCNT filled polycarbonate/ polypropylene double percolating polymer blend nano composites. Chemical modification and characterization of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT), at MGU Kottayam.

5. Development of Processing Technology for Recycle & Reuse of Electronic waste, at NML Jamshedpur

6. Establishment of testing facilities for the hazardous substances as per European Union (EU) directive of Restricting the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), at C-MET, Hyderabad

7. Environmentally Sound Methods for Recovery of Metals from Printed Circuit Boards, at C-MET, Hyderabad

8. Preparation of Carbon aerogel & development of aerocapacitor for electronic application, at C-MET, Thrissur

9. Development and pilot production of Nano-PZT compositions and Piezoceramic components for Underwater SONAR Transducers, Ultrasonic cleaners, and Medical applications, at C-MET, Thrissur

10. Design & Development Of Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuator For Mems Based Micro Valve, at C-MET, Thrissur

11. Novel Recovery and Conversion of Plastics from WEEE to value added products, at CIPET, Bhubaneswar

12. Polymer based Sensors, at IAST Guwahati

13. Organic Film Transistors, at NCL Pune

14. High speed modal wavefront sensor of light beams, at IIT Guwahati

15. Photonics Research Fellowship, at TIFR Mumbai

16. Construction and Multi-site commissioning of Multiple Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers FCS (A single molecule biophotonic tool), at TIFR, Mumbai

17. Differential Reflectance Modulation Sensing for DNA Detection, at IISc Bangalore

18. Fabrication of rare-earth doped fibers for high power fiber lasers through nano-particle deposition, at Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Kolkata

19. Tunable and multi-wavelength fiber laser for fiber optic applications, at IIT Bombay

20. Fabrication & Characterization of Blue OLED, NITK Surathkal.

21. Innovative Light Extraction Technology for White OLEDs, at IIT Delhi

22. Innovative Light Extraction Technology for White OLEDs, at IIT Roorkee

23. Design and Development of Mid-stage Access EDFA, at IIT Delhi.

24. Optiwave Photonics, Hyderabad.

25. Distributed Strain & Temperature Sensing Using Inelastic Processes in Optical Fiber, at IIT Chennai

On-going Projects

1. Packaged Fiber Laser Modules for making stents and marking plastic balloons as well as orthopaedic parts, at Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Kolkata

2. Development and setting up of pilot scale production of Aerogel Supercapacitors for electronic applications, at C-MET, Thrissur

3. Environmentally Sound Methods for Recovery of Metals from Printed Circuit Boards –Phase II, at C-MET Hyderabad

4. Sustainability and upgradation of Government owned Restriction of Hazardous substances (RoHS) test laboratory, at C-MET Hyderabad

5. Thulium Doped ‘All-Fiber’ MOPA at 2 μm region for Medical Application, at Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Kolkata

6. Fiber Bragg Grating sensor for condition monitoring of railway catenary-pantograph structure, at Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Kolkata

7. In-house Development of Photoconducting Paste (using Semiconductor Nanostructures) for Exploration in Photopatternable Thick Film Technology for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications, at CMET Pune

8. Development of Graphene Supercapacitors for power electronicsat CMET Thrissur

9. Development of active materials (Cathode and Anode) and electrolytes for high energy density Lithium-ion cell/ Battery with fabrication of Prototype cell, at CMET Pune

10. Development of thermal sensor based monitoring system for the early detection and screening of breast cancer, joint project at C-MET Thrissur, C-DAC Thrivandrum & Malabar Cancer Centre, Kannur

11. Prototype development of fuel cell using nano functional materials, at NIT Warangal

12. Development of PZT Actuators and Piezo-Composites for Vibration Energy Harvesting, joint project at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories Bangalore and CSIR- Central Glass and Ceramics Research Institute Kolkata

13. Fabrication of solar cells based on Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) technique, at Sibsagar College, Joyasagar, Assam

14. Nature-inspired low cost organic and their nano composites based photovoltaic solar cells, at University of Allahabad

15. Solar cells based on quantum dots and organic semiconductors: Hybrid devices, at IACS Kolkata

16. Development of Polymer Nano-composite Based Photovoltaic Devices with Improved Efficiencyat Tezpur University Assam