Research Output


research output

A few of the technologies developed successfully in the field of Nanotechnology are enumerated here.

Health Care – Silicon Locket

A web enabled efficient and intelligent remote health care system for cardiac diagnostics entitled ‘Silicon Locket’ has been developed.

MEMS pressure sensor

Design, fabrication and testing of a Nanocrystalline silicon MEMS pressure sensor in the range of 1mbar to1bar

Silver Nano Powder

A process has been developed for the generation of Silver Nano powder at 200gm batch level

Ge Quantum Dots

A technology for growing size and shape controlled Ge quantum dots with excellent optical properties has been developed

Synthesis of Nanoparticles

Silicon nanoparticles have been synthesized on silicon substrate with different insulating layers namely SiO2/Si3N4, by using two different processes. These include Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) method and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

Nano Measurement

Software developed for calculating nano measurement uncertainty

Polymeric Cantilever Technology

Polymeric cantilever technology with an embedded polysilicon piezo-resistor has been demonstrated

Explosive Vapour Sensor

Explosive Vapour Sensor using poly (3-hexythiophene) and Cu-tetraphenyl-porphyrin composite based organic field effect transistor has been developed. This technology can detect vapours of explosives.


research output

Low Cost Sensor Platform

A low cost sensor platform for determining ionizing radiation using sensors based on organic semiconducting materials has been demonstrated

Micro-stereo-lithography For Polymer & Ceramics

Micro-Stereo-lithography for generating shapes polymer & ceramics has been developed.

research output


Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Technology for the development of low cost AFM has been developed.


The following patents and copyright have been filed:

  • Novel Ways of Introducing High Voltage Handling Capabilities in FinFET Technologies – US patent
  • Sandwich Tunneling Barrier FET - US patent
  • Dual Gate STI DeMOS for improved mixed signal and hot carrier behavior - US patent
  • Performance Improvement of Tunnel FET Devices using Halo-Doping, Graded Silicon-Germanium, Schottky Junction and New Device Structures - US patent
  • Process for Novel Multiferroic based Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Actuators Functioning at Room Temperature – Indian Patent
  • Low-Energy Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter Technique and Circuit – Indian patent
  • Nonvolatile Floating Gate Analog Memory Cell – Indian Patent
  • An interface circuit between a sensor and a signal conditioning circuit – Indian patent
  • Single Halo DeMOS for robust protection in advanced high voltage CMOS - US patent application
  • A DeMOS Device realized using dual STI process - US patent
  • Microheater based explosive sensor - Indian patent
  • Independently Driven Double Gate (IDDG) nonvolatile floating gate analog memory cell - Indian patent
  • Method and device for determining ionizing radiation - Indian patent
  • A novel dry method of surface modification of SU8 for immobilization of biomolecules using hotwire pyrolytic process - Indian patent
  • Method for doping a fin based semiconductor device - US patent
  • Integrated pressure and temperature sensor based on porous silicon - Indian patent
  • An IGBT device with plugged-in SCR for robust ESD protection in FinFET technology - US patent
  • A Novel Architecture for Improving Slew Rate in FinFET based Op-Amp and OTAs - US patent
  • Software entitled "Software for uncertainty in measurement using LabView (NPLI-SUM)" - Indian copyright.
  • An N-Type Tunnel-FET device with strained SiGe layer at source - Indian Patent
  • A sub-threshold forced plate FET sensor for sensing inertial displacement, a method and system thereof - Indian Patent
  • A sub-threshold elastic deflection FET sensor for sensing pressure/force, a method and system thereof - Indian Patent
  • A sub-threshold CapFET sensor for sensing analyte, a method and system thereof - Indian Patent
  • A method for obtaining a coating of a metal compound onto a substrate, an apparatus and a substrate  there of - Indian Patent
  • Compliant platforms to generate amplified displacements, compliant platform for sensing applied motion and method of designing DaCM - Indian Patent
  • Modification of Fermi-level pinning behaviour at the Germanium surface through sulfur passivation treatment - Indian Patent
  • A technique to prepare brittle nano crystals of noble metals - Indian Patent
  • Idea sustain - Indian Patent
  • Idea Inspire - Indian Patent
  • A composition of electrode material in the form of a coating and a process thereof - Indian Patent
  • Room temperature synthesis of coinage nanoparticles - Indian Patent