Research Output

Transfer of Technology(ToT) / Commercialization:

  • Pulse Oximeter - Technology transferred to REIL Jaipur.
  • Microwave disinfection system for Hospital waste - Technology transferred to SS medical System Lucknow.
  • Medical LINAC - Technology transferred to Panacea Medical Technologies Bangalore.
  • Closed Loop Anesthesia Delivery System (CLADS)- Technology transferred to Clarity Medical Pvt. Ltd., Mohali.


  • Closed Loop Anesthesia Delivery System (CLADS) Patented in US, Europe and India.
  • (CerviScan) Patent applied in India.

Infrastructure created:

  • National Resource Centre for telemedicine and Bio Medical Informatics at (SGPGIMS) Lucknow.
  • Facility for Batch Fabrication of Linac Tubes at Sameer, Khargar Campus Navi Mumbai.
  • Medical Electronics Lab at Imphal & Aizawl.