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Technology Development

Some of the major technology development programmes undertaken in the recent times include the following

Biophotonics and Photonics for Health Care

Under the project titled 'Construction and Multi-site Commissioning of Multiple Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers (a single molecule Biophotonics tool)' at TIFR, Mumbai, the design, testing and modifications of FCS kits are completed. . Kits are now available for Transfer of Technology.
Under the project titled 'Clinical Evaluation of Polarized Fluorescence Spectroscopy for early diagnosis of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions' at IIT Kanpur, a system for obtaining fresh cervical tissue biopsies and then characterizing it optically is being worked out. Studies have been concluded on intrinsic fluorescence extraction and modular experimental set up designed.

Optical Fibre and Fibre Lasers

Under the project titled 'Fabrication of Rare-Earth Doped Fibers needed for Fiber Lasers' initiated at CGCRI Kolkata, fabrication of fibers with Er/Yb concentration of around 5000 ppm and core diameter around 20 µm has been completed. Patenting of the above technology is now being considered.
Under the project titled 'Fabrication of Rare Earth Doped Fibers for High power Fiber lasers through Nanoparticle Deposition', orders have been placed for MCVD system and a high temperature Rare Earth -Vapor Delivery system. Substantial experiments have been carried out to investigate the mechanism for formation of oxide particles.
In the project titled 'Tunable and Multi Wavelength Fibre Laser for Fibre Optic Applications; at IIT Mumbai cavity for fiber laser has been implemented. Also modelling of fiber laser based on the existing analytical approach has been completed.

Material Growth and Component Development Technology

The project titled 'Growth of dilute III-V-nitride materials for mid-infrared Optoelectronic devices' aims to ascertain the possibility of using a novel LPE (Liquid Phase Epitaxy) technique for growth of dilute III-V-N alloys. InAsN has been grown by LPE using InN.
Material characterization has been done by Energy Dispersive X-rays (EDX) and High Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD) in-house and in Lancaster University of UK. Studying of variation in growth parameter in order to obtain specific functionality has also been completed.
The project titled 'Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Gallium Indium Nitride Arsenide & related materials for 1.3 micron communication Lasers' aims to work on GaInNAs and demonstrate edge emitting lasers on GaAs substrate. Till now 38 material synthesis runs has been carried out, GaAsN and InGaAsN synthesized. Single Quantum well (SQW), Double Quantum Well (DQW) and Edge-emitting laser structures have been successfully grown. Further, studies have been carried out on Nitrogen incorporation into GaAs as a function of temperature and growth rate.
Under the project titled 'Ultra Wideband Optical Sources from rare-earth codoped glass Waveguides- Fabrication and Characterization' at IIT Delhi, new type of glass system (with more than 8Wt. % rare earth) suitable for ion-exchange waveguides have been fabricated successfully.

Optical Amplifier

The project titled 'Design and Development of Mid-stage Access EDFA' was initiated at IIT Delhi and Optiwave Photonics, Hyderabad. The aim is to realize two units of MSA EDFA modules with desired specifications and to test the performance of MSA amplifier modules in test beds. Multi channel measurements on 8–channel WDM has been executed. Design and simulation for gain-flattening filters has also been done. At Optiwave Hyderabad, modification on control circuits, integration of VOA and improvement in response time is taken up for study.

Silicon Photonics

The project titled “Development of Integrated Optic Single channel Add-Drop Multiplexer (SCADM) in SOI Platform for fiber optic communication system and packaging' was initiated at IIT Madras in collaboration with SAMEER Mumbai. The project aims to work on Silicon on Insulator for designing and fabricating Add-drop Multiplexer which could be useful in Optical Communication system. The design of single mode optical Waveguide based on etched rib of silicon has been worked out also a novel design for S-band Waveguide fabrication and characterization has also been carried out.

FBG (Fibre Bragg Grating)

Under the project titled 'Development of a unified approach for realizing Fiber Bragg Grating with long term stability' was initiated at IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. Formulation of an Algorithm for Decay prediction from Growth Data that enables prediction of the lifetime and decay parameters of the FBG (based on the change in refractive index and Bragg wavelength vs. time during growth) has been completed. Design of a single mode optical Waveguide based on etched rib of silicon has been worked out. Other highlights include novel design for S-band Waveguide fabrication and characterization, development of Matlab-based user friendly software. Copyright for this technique is being applied for along with provisional patent.

Nanophotonics and Photonic Crystal Fibre

The project titled 'Photonic Micro-nano system-Advancement of Research and Education' was implemented at IISc Bangalore. Various workshops have been successfully organized till date.

Polymers for Photonics

Under the project titled 'Polymer Waveguide based Optical Power Splitters' was initiated at BITs Pilani. Works carried out include fabrication of 1X4 splitter, designing a new mask for 1x4 as well as 1x8 power splitters. Packaging is being carried out at SAMEER.

Fibre Sensors

The project titled 'Development of FBG Sensor system for detection and location of hot spots in electrical equipment' was initiated at CSIO Chandigarh and is being executed jointly by CSIO and ERDA Vadodara. CSIO has successfully carried out fabrication and characterization of FBG sensors and handed over these sensors to ERDA for further experimentation and installation in a live transformer. ERDA has successfully carried out calibration of FBG at different temperatures and Design of Experiments prepared for testing acrylic and polyimide coated fibers.

Optoelectronic Packaging

Polymer splitter device fabrication is being carried out by BITs Pilani using facilities at SAMEER. Studies on Silica-on-Silicon waveguide characterization and Silicon- photonics for developing Add-Drop Multiplexer for optical communication is being done by CEERI Pilani. SAMEER is also directly involved in the project on Ultra Wideband optical sources from rare-earth codoped glass waveguides. SAMEER will be working closely with IIT Delhi. The packaging facility has also enabled further work on fibre optic gyroscope sponsored by Defence organizations.


Two International Patents on Technology for Growth and Fabrication of Special Purpose High Value Optical Fibre i.e. Erbium Doped Fibre have been obtained under US Patent Act and ACTS jointly by CSIR & process for making Rare Earth Doped Optical Fibre USP No. 6, 75,990 of June 22nd 2004 Bandyopadhyay et al and Method of Fabricating Rare Earth Doped Optical Fibre USP No. 6,851,281 of February 8th 2005 Sen et al.
Patents on the following have been filed through DIT cell for the work executed under the project Nanoscopic Optical Limiters at IIT Madras. These include Optical material exhibiting highest known laser damage threshold, Optical limiting device using the same and a method of preparation thereof. Patents for the following are under the filing Process. These include Application of a unique Co-dopant to increase the concentration of Rare Earth in the special purpose fibre by CGCRI Kolkata. The patent has been jointly filed in the name of DIT and CSIR. A process and system for manufacturing stable Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). It has been filed vide Application No 134/CHE/2009 through DIT patent cell.

Copyrights under Application Process

Under the project Design of Tunable Broadband ASE Fibre Source for WDM Systems; at ISM Dhanbad a copyright has been applied for in March 2003 through DIT Patent cell. Another copyright has been applied for under the project titled 'Development of All Fibre Optic Scalable Super Dense Multi Gigabit/s WDM Source' at IIT Mumbai. Copyright for this was applied in March 2004 through DIT Patent cell.

Technology Transfer (ToT)

A TOT was signed for transfer of the technology for Glass based integrated optic devices developed at IIT Chennai to SAMEER, Mumbai. This formed a basis for the Planar Waveguide Developmental work at SAMEER. A TOT was signed for transfer of the technology for Fibre Optic Based Laparoscopes for family planning applications by CSIO-Chandigarh to Andhra Scientific Company Ltd.


FCS technology is now available for Transfer of Technology (TOT). Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) is a technique that can measure the size of molecules in a solution, down to sub-nanometer scales. The technology to build up the FCS kit as above and the right to disseminate information contained in the Instruction Manual and software for analyzing the data is now available for TOT. Interested Industries may please contact the Photonics Division at DIT.

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