Research Output


RoHS Testing and Certification Centre

Under the project a state of the art analytical facility with NABL accreditation has been set up for testing of the hazardous substance present in the electronics products. This would facilitate electronic industries for availing RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance certificate after thorough testing of the samples for all the requisite limits of the substances by standard analytical procedures. This compliance is mandatory requirement for domestic manufacturers and also exporters to European Union and other developed countries.

Facility for Recycling of Electronic Waste

Under the project processing technology for recycle of electronic wastes has been successfully established at NML Jamshedpur. Facility includes eddy current separator, hammer mill, ion exchange column etc.

Synthesis of Nano NTC material

Under the project a facility has been set up at C-MET Thrissur for synthesizing of Nano NTC material and to develop chip-in-glass fast response thermal sensors. The facility include conveyor furnace, drying ovens & aging ovens, muffle furnace, sintering furnace, ultrasonic Cleaner, temperature bath, screen printing machine dicing machine, thermolamination press, thermal cycling Unit, isostatic press, fluke 42 DMM multimeter , glass fusing furnace.

Developing special EMI shielding Materials

Under the project a facility has been set up at Tejpur University, Assam to carry out research on electro-magnetic interference (EMI) shielding material using magneto-dielectric nano-particles for the broadband application. High absorption (shielding effectiveness) has been achieved with -20 dB bandwidth. Light weight multilayer dielectric absorber ~2mm thin for ~ 4GHz and ~ 1GHz for single layer magnetic absorbers ~ 3-4 mm thin have been developed. The shielding is inert to humidity and resistant to many solvents at room temperature and thermally stable upto about 300°C and the absorption does not degrade with time. Developed materials are cheaper than the existing shielding materials.

Carbone Aerogel Supercapacitor

Under the project a facility has been set up at CMET, Thrissur to carry out research and development on Carbon aerogel super-capacitor. Process technology was developed for preparing organic aerogels and carbon aerogels of batch size of ~200 g/batch. Process for conversion of carbon powder into flexible carbon aerogel tapes has been established to prepare active electrode for the aerocapacitors. Process technology for fabrication of aerocapacitors (aerogel supercapacitor) of cell targeted capacitance has been established.

Piezoelectric multilayer actua

Under the project Piezoelectric multilayer actuator was designed and developed for MEMS based micro valve at C-MET, Thrissur. Multilayer (ML) ring type actuators (2mm) were fabricated with the targeted specification and qualification schemes of LEOS, ISRO, Bangalore. Fabrication of 8mm bonded ML ring actuator using ultrasonic milling has been completed for evaluation and space qualification LEOS.

Under the project Piezoelectric multilayer actuator was designed and developed for MEMS based micro valve at C-MET, Thrissur. Multilayer (ML) ring type actuators (2mm) were fabricated with the targeted specification and qualification schemes of LEOS, ISRO, Bangalore. Fabrication of 8mm bonded ML ring actuator using ultrasonic milling has been completed for evaluation and space qualification LEOS.

High frequency (GHz) filters and attenuators

Under the project High frequency (GHz) filters and attenuators are developed using emerging materials of nanoscale magnonic crystals at S. N. BNCBS, Kolkata. Antidote lattices on magnetic multilayers using Co(0.75nm)/Pd(0.9nm, bi-component magnetic antidots with CoFe filling in Ni80Fe20 antidots, and permalloy nanodot arrays integrated with co-planar waveguides were fabricated. Design and fabrication of a magnonic filter, i.e. magnonic waveguide with an integrated magnetic antidot lattice in the waveguide structure with typical feature size of about 100-200 nm and the total array of~ 10-20µm is under progress.

Lead-free x-ray absorbing materials

Under the project Lead-free x-ray absorbing materials are developed and prototypes development of aprons, glass sheets and curtains are carried out at C-MET, Pune. Process optimization of the coating formulation on cotton cloth is completed. Larger size wearable prototype apron and its x-ray absorption measurements were completed. Optimization of glass nanocomposites and its x-ray attenuation is completed. Development of curtains, gloves, transparent x ray absorbing glass windows are in process. Large scale state -of -art glass nanocomposite glass melting development facility is being installed at CMET, Pune. US patent has been filed. The safety certification from AERB, BARC and users feedback of the developed apron is being ascertained.

Human Resource Development

Under the project Manpower engaged in Post Doctoral, PhD, M-Tech and B-Tech level programmes were trained in the emerging areas of Electronics materials and components under the various sponsored project. Consequently trained manpower at various levels has been successfully absorbed in related industry/academia.

Biophotonics and Photonics for Health Care

Under the project titled 'Construction and Multi-site Commissioning of Multiple Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometers (a single molecule Biophotonics tool)' at TIFR, Mumbai, the design, testing and modifications of FCS kits completed. Kits available for Transfer of Technology. The FCS systems have been used for various biomedical analysis and chemical structure studies. Under the project titled 'Clinical Evaluation of Polarized Fluorescence Spectroscopy for early diagnosis of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions' at IIT Kanpur, a system for obtaining fresh cervical tissue biopsies and then characterizing it optically has been worked out. Studies concluded on intrinsic fluorescence extraction and modular experimental set up designed.

Optical Fibre and Fibre Lasers

Under the project titled 'Fabrication of Rare-Earth Doped Fibers needed for Fiber Lasers' initiated at CGCRI Kolkata, fabrication of fibers by solution doping and Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition with Er/Yb concentration of around 5000 ppm and core diameter around 20 µm completed.. Under the project titled 'Fabrication of Rare Earth Doped Fibers for High power Fiber lasers through Nanoparticle Deposition', CGCRI, Kolkata. Substantial Experiments carried out to investigate mechanism of formation of oxide particles. FBG based “All fiber high power fiber laser’ developed. D-shaped cladding pump fiber to enhance pump absorption efficiency fabricated. A 5W laser output power at 1064 nm wavelength developed. In the project titled 'Tunable and Multi Wavelength Fibre Laser for Fibre Optic Applications; at IIT Mumbai Continuous wave Ring cavity fiber laser developed. Modelling of fiber laser and tuning in C and L Bands with Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF) and Highly Non Linear Fiber (HNLF) placed within fiber ring cavity. Optimisation of spectral enrichment in HNLF fiber. Quantification of stability of multi-line output for communication applications.

Optical Amplifier

Under the project titled 'Design and Development of Mid-stage Access EDFA' at IIT Delhi and Optiwave Photonics, Hyderabad. Two units of MSA-EDFA module built at IIT(D) and optiwave Photonics, Hyderabad. Optimization of placement of gain Flattening Filter in the units. Technology for Transient Reponse Characterisation developed at Optiwave, Hyderabad.

FBG (Fibre Bragg Grating)

Under the project titled 'Development of a unified approach for realizing Fiber Bragg Grating with long term stability' at IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. Technology for Accelerated Ageing experiments using Isothermal Annealing and Isochronal Annealing to determine the long term stability of gratings developed. User Friendly software to predict the lifetime of grating at a desired operating temperature developed. Copyright applied and registered. Besides Indian patent filed, International PCT patent also filed.

Specialized Manpower Development for photonics

Under the project ‘Photonics Research Fellowship’, TIFR, Mumbai was conceived as a service to students of second rung institutions like Regional Engineering Colleges, Science Colleges, Universities, NITs etc to link them up with the leading Photonic Research scientists at institutions such as IITs, CSIR laboratories etc for providing them a fellowship and other support.

Fibre Sensors

Under the project titled 'Development of FBG Sensor system for detection and location of hot spots in electrical equipment', CSIO Chandigarh, ERDA Vadodara. CSIO successfully carried out fabrication and characterization of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and handed over to ERDA, Vadodara for installation in a live transformer. ERDA carried out calibration at different temperatures, checking compatibility etc and this FBG system is working in a live transformer for real-time temperature monitoring in an electrical industry.


Over 50 international, national journal publications, conference papers/poster are generated every year. Following US and Indian patents are in process:
 •  Method of preparation of Carbon Aerogel and its Surface Modification for Hydraogen storage
 •  Carbon Aerogel based new Hydrogen storage Materials and their Method of preparation. 
 •  Miniature PEM fuel cells using LTCC packaging.
 •  Noval Glass Ceramic Electrolyte for low temperature solid Oxide fuel cell (LTSOFC)
 •  Interfacial Stitching and Renforcement of Co-continuous polycarbonate/polypropylene (PC/PP) blends by multiwalled carbon Nanotube 
 •  Quickly Rechargeable Emergency Lamp Using Graphene
 •  Ceramic filled flouropolymeDevelopment of Photoimageable and Photodefineable Thick Film Pastes and the Process Sequence for their user compositions, methods and applications thereof,
 • Development of Thermister device and materials for Gas sensors from the Liquid Crystalline Polymer
 • Photopatternable photoconductor: a top-down approach from macro to micro/nano fabrication". Or "Photopatterning :a newfangled top-down trend for macro to micro/ nano photoconductor fabrication
 • Development of Photoimageable and Photodefineable Thick Film Pastes and the Process Sequence for their use
 • A Micro/NANO Photoconductor
 • Development of Phosphate-Zincate Host Glass Based Nanocomposite for Supercontinuum
 • Low temperature large scale synthesisi of CdS nanostructures by facile solid reaction and their excellent photocatalytic performance for hydrogen generation
 • Development of solar light driven nanostructured ZnIn2S4 photocatalyst for hydrogen generation 
 • Novel large scale synthesis of ZnS nanostructures by facile solid state method and their photcatalytic activity for hydrogen production via water spiting
 • Humidity sensing performance of in-situ fabricated Cu/Cu2O/Cu2S-polymer nanocomposite via PPS cyclisation route 
 • Microwave assisted processing of silver conductive thick films for electronic applications
 • Technology for Growth and Fabrication of Special Purpose High Value Optical Fibre & Erbium Doped Fibre have been obtained under US Patent Act and ACTS jointly by CSIR & process for making Rare Earth Doped Optical Fibre USP No. 6, 75,990 of June 22nd 2004 Bandyopadhyay et al CGCRI, Kolkata
 • Method of Fabricating Rare Earth Doped Optical Fibre USP No. 6,851,281 of February 8th 2005 Sen et al CGCRI, Kolkata
 • Optical material exhibiting highest known laser damage threshold, Optical limiting device using the same and a method of preparation thereof IIT, Madras.
 • Application of a unique Co-dopant to increase the concentration of Rare Earth in the special purpose fibre by CGCRI Kolkata. The patent has been jointly filed in the name of DIT and CSIR.
 • An optimized manufacturing process for stable Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). It has been filed vide Application No 134/CHE/2009 through DIT patent cell.
 • A process for fabrication of Ytterbium (Yb) doped optical fiber, CGCRI, Kolkata.
 • Unified approach for Fiber brag grating IIT (M), IISc

Copyrights under Application Process

Under the project Design of Tunable Broadband ASE Fibre Source for WDM Systems; at ISM Dhanbad a copyright has been applied for in March 2003 through DIT Patent cell. Another copyright has been applied for under the project titled 'Development of All Fibre Optic Scalable Super Dense Multi Gigabit/s WDM Source' at IIT Mumbai. Under the project “Development of an unified approach for realizing Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) with long term stability” at IIT (Madras), IISc, Bangalore, a copyright “Predicting Fiber Bragg Grating Decay from Growth”, Reg. No. SW-4148/2009 in name of IIT(Madras) and DIT.

Technology Transfer (ToT)

A TOT was signed for transfer of the technology for Glass based integrated optic devices developed at IIT Chennai to SAMEER, Mumbai. This formed a basis for the Planar Waveguide Developmental work at SAMEER. A TOT was signed for transfer of the technology for Fibre Optic Based Laparoscopes for family planning applications by CSIO-Chandigarh to Andhra Scientific Company Ltd.

Technology Ready for Transfer

C-MET offers technology for the production of NTC fast response thermal sensors.

C-MET offers technology for the production of Piezoceramic Compositions and Components.


Research Output

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology(C-MET)(External website that opens in a new window)
Scientific Society under Department of Electronics and Information Technology(DeitY)
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology,
Government of India,
New Delhi - 110003

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) has been set up as a Registered Scientific Society in March 1990 under Department of Information Technology (formerly Department of Electronics) as a unique concept for development of viable technologies in the area of materials mainly for electronics. C-MET is operating with 3 laboratories located at Pune (Head Quarters), Hyderabad and Thrissur with specialized research mandate at each place.


The mission of C-MET is to develop knowledge base in the electronic materials and their processing technology and become a source of critical electronic materials, know-how and technical services for the industry and other sectors of the economy.

Core Programmes

 • Integrated Electronics Packaging
 • Nanomaterials and Devices 
 • Ultra High Purity Materials
 • Materials for Renewable Energy 
 • Piezo Sensors and Actuators