Special Manpower Development Programme

B - Special Manpower Development Programme in the area of VLSI Design and related software (SMDP-II)

VLSI design is a key component of the knowledge-based industry. Considering the availability of quality human resource as the key catalyst for this sector of industry and with a vision to make India a high-end VLSI design destination and to target VLSI design turnover of around US$ 1 billion (Rs.5000 crore) by the year 2010, DIT has taken several initiatives. One such initiative in the area of human resource development is a project entitled Special Manpower Development Programme in the area of VLSI Design & related Software (SMDP-II). This programme was initiated in March 21 2005 for a period of five years. The project is being implemented at 7 Resource Centers (RCs) and 25 Participating Institutions (PIs).

The programme has been evolved by a Working Group set up by DIT consisting of members from MHRD, UGC, AICTE, MAIT, NASSCOM, academic and R&D institutions. The Working Group has developed a model curriculum for M.Tech in VLSI Design/Microelectronics course for the Participating Institutions of this project. The Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and the hardware platform that are required for establishing VLSI design laboratory have also been suggested.

The programme envisages training of about 1930 students (per year) for the following types by the terminal year of the programme from 25 PIs with the help of 7 RCs: -

The major elements of the project are listed as below:

  • To conduct Instruction Enhancement Programme (IEP) for the faculty of PIs, by RCs.
  • To establish VLSI Design Laboratory equipped with contemporary Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools at all RCs and PIs.
  • To create VLSI Design Resource website and Mirror sites at RCs.
  • To launch India Chip Project for siliconization of designs done by students of RCs and PIs.
  • To introduce teaching of various courses on VLSI design and related software to generate following types of manpower:
    • ME/M.Tech programmes in VLSI Design
    • ME/M.Tech Programmes in Electronics, Computer Science with VLSI elective
    • BE/B.Tech Programme with VLSI electives
    • Ph D in VLSI Design and related software
  • International Guest Faculty


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