Status on Standards

  • Metadata and Data Standards – Notified on Jan 15, 2010. These define metadata and data standards for person and land identification like name, address which will ensure sharing of information and seamless interoperability of data across applications.
  • Network and Information Security - 6 guideline documents under eGovernance Security Assurance Framework (eSAFE) published on the standards portal on Feb 26, 2010 for implementation of ISO 27001.
    • Information Security Assessment Framework
    • Guidelines for Security Categorization of Information Systems
    • Catalog of Security Controls
    • Baseline Security Controls For Low Impact Information Systems
    • Baseline Security Controls For Medium Impact Information Systems
    • Baseline Security Controls For High Impact Information System
  • Digital Signature - Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Interoperability guidelines published on the standards portal on Feb 16, 2010. This will enable interoperability of DSC’s issued by various Certifying Authorities (CA).
  • Character Encoding Standard Unicode 5.1.0 and Font Standard ISO/IEC14496-22 Open Font Format – Notified on Dec 18, 2009 in the Gazette of India
  • Quality & Documentation – The Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) and Conformity Assessment Requirements(CARE) documents have been prepared and posted for public review. QAF indicates the general operational principles and technical aspects that a quality assurance exercise should incorporate when customised to the requirements of a specific eGovernance project. The purpose of defining CARE is to enforce implementation of standards and best practices in e-Governance solutions throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Policy on Open Standards: The Policy on Open Standards has been released on 12th November 2010 which would provide a framework for the selection of Open Standards to facilitate interoperability between systems while providing organizations the flexibility to select different hardware, systems software, and application software for implementing cost effective e-Governance solutions.
  • Biometrics standards: Biometric Standards for Face image, Fingerprint image and Minutiae released on 12th November 2010 would enable the sharing of biometrics data by various eGovernance applications for the purpose of authentication of a person.
  • Technology Standards on Interoperability under preparation
  • Enterprise Architecture framework under preparation
  • Guidelines for usage of Digital Signatures in eGovernance applications published. These Guidelines provide a comprehensive overview of Digital Signatures, their procurement, authentication mechanism and legal validity in the Court of Law. Case studies on successful implementation of Digital Signatures in egovernance applications and an extensive FAQ are also covered in this document.


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