Strategic Electronics Division

Strategic Electronics Division

The niche segment of Strategic Electronics is characterised by expensive and sophisticated technologies and closely held information by few elite countries. Thus to remain in the forefront of Strategic Electronics Technology it is imperative to develop a solid foundation in R&D. Department of Information Technology(DIT) has the requisite expertise and infrastructure to undertake R&D activities in this crucial sector. The thrust is on application of the state-of-the-art technology for designing, developing and upgrading mission critical systems in both Defence and civil domains. World class infrastructure is being developed in various R&D laboratories and institutions of higher learning to cater to the strategic needs of this sector primarily for indigenisation of products and technologies, removing the bottlenecks in terms of non-availability of cutting edge technology and propel growth in this segment. Some of the latest technologies being promoted include the following. Electro-magnetic wave applications, Intelligent sensors, RFID, Micro-robotics, Intelligent material, Micro-electronics systems, Micro systems for manufacturing Nano-materials, convergent technologies (Nano-Bio-Infro-Cogno-Socio), deep space communications systems, Intelligent secure data communication, Millimeter wave, microwave devices et al.

Till now a number of successfully developed technologies have been transferred to the industry/ end users this include a substantial number of those developed at SAMEER, such as Linac Tube, Meteorological weather sensors, Radar Beacon, RF Dryer, Microwave Disinfection unit, MST Radar, Microwave Data Link System, sodar et al. In addition Autonomous Robots were delivered to BARC for monitoring radio-activity levels in the nuclear waste chambers and a compact Disaster Management system with communication links through Amature Radio was also developed.

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Strategic Electronics Division
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