Product Specific Initiatives

In order to promote and develop various verticals/ product categories in Electronics sector, several initiatives have been taken by DeitY and other Ministries in Set Top Boxes, Aakash, low cost tablets etc. The page provides information regarding important reports, specifications and other document related to different electronics verticals/ products for which initiatives to promote design and manufacturing in the country has been taken up.

Mobile Handsets and Tablets • Differential Excise Duty regime for promoting indigenous manufacturing of Mobile handsets and Tablets(212 KB)
Technologies for Internal Security • National Centre of Excellence in Technologies for Internal Security at IIT Bombay(548 KB)
Set Top Boxes • Completion of the Development Stage and commencement of the Implementation Phase of Indian Conditional Access System (iCAS)(1.1 MB)
• O.M. regarding inclusion of Set Top Boxes in the definition of goods for use in the Telecommunications Network, Ministry of Finance, August 2014(203 KB)
• Report of ISA Workshop on STB, ISA , 2012
• Expression of Interest for Development of Indian Conditional Access System (CAS)
Flexible and Printed electronics •  DPR for establishing Centre of Excellence for Large Area Flexible Electronics at IIT Kanpur(2.78 MB)
• Centre of Excellence for Large Area Flexible Electronics” at IIT Kanpur, DeitY, November 2014 (128 KB)
• Overview of NCFlexE
• Usage of LEDs in Ministry/ Government Departments, Ministry of Power, August 2014(417 KB)
• Minutes of the meeting held on 15.5.2012 to understand LED manufacture ecosystem of LED lights
Electronic Components • Electronic Components, Hardware Market & Manufacturing Output Study including related Assemblies & Value Chain in India (ELCOMOS Report),ELCINA & DeitY , 2012 (58735 KB)
Aakash • Press Release(347 KB), DeitY, June 2013
• Aakash IV Technical Specifications, DeitY, January 2014 (391 KB)
• Procedure for Certification/Technical empanelment of tablet manufacturers for DGS&D rate contract (448 KB)
Flat Panel TV • CBEC Notification on Flat Panel: Import under Baggage, Ministry of Finance, August 2013 (23 KB)
Medical Electronics • Notification No.4/2016-Customs dated 19th January, 2016 related to increase of rate of BCD on certain specified medical devices from 5% to 7.5%.(93 KB)image
• Notification No.5/2016-Customs dated 19th January, 2016 related to withdrawal of SAD exemption on certain specified medical devices.(89 KB)image
•  Copy of RBI notification regarding 100% FDI in medical devices (68 KB)/sites/upload_files/dit/files/new_red.gif
• Recommendations of the Task Force on Medical Devices Sector in India - 2015 (1.82 MB)
Flash Memory • Recommendations of the Committee constituted to examine the issues regarding inclusion of Flash Memory in NIC's SCOSTA based Smart Card Application Guidelines(224 KB)



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