Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT)

Documents as per Chapter-II Section 4(b)

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

GROUPS WISE/DIVISIONS WISE LIST OF PERSONNEL IN Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT) (Group Coordinator: Dr. Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, Shri Arvind Kumar, Scientiest G)

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT)

Serial Number Name Designation
1 Shri Arvind Kumar Scientiest G, HOD
2 Shri Sanjay Bahl Director General
3 Shri Amardeep Singh Chawla Scientiest F
4 Shri Anil Sagar Scientiest F
5 Ms. Savita Utreja Scientiest F (AFA)
6 Ms. Tulika Pandey Scientiest F
7 Shri S. S. Sarma Scientiest F
8 Shri Omveer Singh Scientiest F
9 Shri M. Ezajuddin Scientiest E
10 Shri Ajay Lakra Scientiest E
11 Shri Subodh V. Akulwar Scientiest E
12 Shri Pankaj Sharma Scientiest D
13 Shri Bhupendra Kumar Scientiest D
14 Ms. Dimple Arora Scientiest C
15 Ms. Ruchi Gola Scientiest C
16 Shri Bhupendra Singh Awasya Scientiest C
17 Shri Mohd Akram Khan Scientiest C
18 Shri Sani Abhilash G. I. Scientiest C
19 Shri Vaddi Venkateswara Rao Scientiest C
20 Shri Ashutosh Bahuguna  Scientiest C
21 Shri Navneet Scientiest C
22 Shri Noorul Ameen. A. Scientiest C
23 Shri Krishna Kumar Scientiest C
24 Shri Surender Kumar Verma Scientiest B
25 Shri V. P. Singh Scientiest B
26 Shri Mayank Jain Scientiest B
27 Shri Sudhakar Scientiest B


Digital Payment Division (Group Coordinator: Shri Sajay Kumar Rakesh, Joint Secretary, Shri Rajiv Bansal, Joint Secretary)
Serial Number Name Designation
1 Smt. Geeta Kathpalia Scientiest G
2 Ms. Kavita Bhatia  Scientiest F
3 Smt. Archna Dureja Scientiest F
4 Shri. Mayank Scientiest C
5 Shri Atif Khan Scientiest C
6 Shri Amrish Scientiest B
7 Shri Ajay Chandrakar Scientiest B
8 Shri Rajesh Suri Deputy Director
9 Shri Laxman  Section Officer
10 Smt. Jacqueline Lall Section Officer
11 Shri Rajiv Sharma Assistant Section Officer
12 Shri Udai Bhan Assistant Section Officer
13 Shri Damodar Singh Rawat Assistant Section Officer
14 Shri Gajender Prasad Beniwal Assistant Section Officer