State Wide Area Network (SWAN)


The Government had approved the Scheme for establishing State Wide Area Networks (SWANs) across the country, in March, 2005 at a total outlay of Rs.3,334 crore to be expended by the Department under Grant-in-Aid of Rs. 2,005 crore, over a period of five years. Under this Scheme, technical and financial assistance are being provided to the States/UTs for establishing SWANs to connect all State/UT Headquarters up to the Block level via District/ sub-Divisional Headquarters, in a vertical hierarchical structure with a minimum bandwidth capacity of 2 Mbps per link. Each of the State / UT can enhance the bandwidth up to 34 Mbps between SHQ and DHQ and upto 8 Mbps between DHQ and BHQ depending upon the utilization.

SWAN is envisaged as the converged backbone network for data, voice and video communications throughout a State/UT with the following salient features:

State Wide Area Network Image


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