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12th Plan Report on Cyber Security

1.0 Background

Over the years, Information Technology has transformed the global economy and connected people and markets in ways beyond imagination. With the Information Technology gaining the centre stage, nations across the world are experimenting with innovative ideas for economic development and inclusive growth. It has also created new vulnerabilities and opportunities for disruption. The cyber security threats emanate from a wide variety of sources and manifest themselves in disruptive activities that target individuals, businesses, national infrastructure and Governments alike. Their effects carry significant risk for public safety, security of nation and the stability of the globally linked economy as a whole. The origin of a disruption, the identity of the perpetrator or the motivation for it can be difficult to ascertain and the act can take place from virtually anywhere. These attributes facilitate the use of Information Technology for disruptive activities. As such, cyber security threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges.

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