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eDistrict - Ranking of States/UTs

The degree of project implementation varies across the States / UTs. With a view to assess the comparative progress, the States / UTs have been ranked based on the achievement of the key project milestones, i.e. physical progress of the project. This comparative ranking may be used as a tool to encourage States / UTs to achieve the project milestones. The methodology of ranking is described in the “Methodology” section below.

State-wise comparative ranking is provided below.

eDistrict - Ranking of States/UTs

Details of Ranking of the States / UTs

Methodology used to rank the States / UTs

The methodology involves evaluation of implementation progress achieved by the State/UT:

  • Number of non-pilot districts in the State/UT where e-District services are launched.
  • Completion of SI Selection for implementing the e-District MMP
  • Number of DeGS formed in the State / UT
  • Total number of District Project Manager deployed in the State
  • Number of services launched by the State/UT from the service portfolio that has been approved by the State Apex Committee

For generating the score for each State / UT, equal weightages have been assigned to each measurable activity mentioned above. The marks for each activity varies between 0 and 1. The scores of each activity are added to arrive at the overall marks for the State/UT. The States / UTs are then sorted / ranked on the basis of overall marks. Table below provides more details on this.

Sl. No. Physical activities Min Marks Max Marks Description
1 Launch in Districts 0 1 Number of Non-pilot districts where services are launched / Total Number of Non-pilot Districts in the State / UT
2 SI Selection 0 1 Mark 1 if SI is selected Mark 0.5 if SI is partially selected in case of unbundled approach Mark 0 if SI is not selected
3 DeGS Formation 0 1 Number of DeGS formed in non-pilot districts / Total number of non–pilot Districts in the State / UT
4 DPM Hiring 0 1 Number of DPMs deployed in non-pilot districts / Total Number of non-pilot Districts in State / UT
5 Services Launched 0 1 Number of e-District services launched in State / Total Number of Services approved by State Apex Committee