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Promotion of Exports

Special incentives are available to electronic products for export under extant Foreign Trade Policy. The section provides information regarding promotion of exports in electronics.

Policies • Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020) Ministry of Commerce & Industry
•  Foreign Trade Policy Procedures, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
• Foreign Trade Policy Procedures Annexure , Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
• Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment Policy - Circular 1 of 2012, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
Merchandises Export from India Scheme (MEIS) •  Revised MEIS incentive rates notified by DGFT Public Notice 44/2015-20 dated 5th december, 2017[PDF]20.96 MB
•  Electronic Items notified by DGFT vide Public Notice 44 /2015-2020 dated 29th October,2015[PDF]89.89 KB
•  Items notified by DGFT vide Public Notice 44 /2015-2020 dated 29th October,2015[PDF]3 MB
•  List of electronic items notified by DGFT under FPS & MLFPS as on 10.7.2013
•  Amendments in the Reward/Incentive Schemes of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14, Department of Commerce, April 2013
• DGFT Public Notice, Ministry of Commerce & Industry,July 10,2013
•  List of Electronics Products Eligible for Benefits under Focus Product Scheme for Exports, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2011
• Set Top Box under Focus Product Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy
MAI & MDA Schemes • Market Access Initiative (MAI) & Market Development Assistance (MDA) Schemes by Dept. of Commerce, 2011
Deemed Exports Scheme • Deemed Exports Scheme(2009-2014), Ministry of Commerce & Industry,2009[PDF]28.12 KB


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